Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Home Sweet Home: Three Years Later...

Happy Home-a-versary to me! Today, according to my calendar, we have been living in our little house for three years! Three whole years of it just being the two of us, in our lovely chez-Harps. It's probably the most homely feeling place that I've ever lived and it's been the growing point for both Harps and I. To celebrate, I bought the house some flowers! I know, lovely of me, though it did mean that the slightly weird looking carnations got banished to beer bottles. I thought in the spirit of my happy three years here, I'd show you a few of my favourite corners...


1) My side of the mantlepiece. Knitted bunnies, Paddington Bear, candles, russian dolls and goodies that I've won in raffles. (I like this area because I like showing off my winnings!)
2) The quote on our bedroom wall. I think the bedroom is the room I most want to change. I find it the hardest to feel inspired about.
3) Grandpa's portrait and my overloaded bookshelves. And the original agar in there, sadly we can't use it.
4) Harp's Heinz Beans print and our collage for Amsterdam. So much fun. Except that light shade...That is NOT fun....*adds to never-ending shopping list*
5) Cork-board in the spare room. A lovely little corner.
6) Harp's side of the mantlepiece. Bike models, a gladiator helmet and an etch-a-sketch.

Say Cheese Home!
Love Sophie Xx

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  1. Is it ok that I prefer his side of the mantlepiece? Purely for the Etch-a-Sketch. And the gladiator helmet. But I'm very impressed with your raffley prowess!
    Happy homeiversary
    M x


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