Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Liona & Sharkbait.

Yes this is pretty much a love letter. And what? A few days ago you asked me if I'd cry when I see you in your wedding dress- rather you told me NOT to cry when I see you in your wedding dress. To which I responded for a very long time in many capital letters as to why I will. Here's an extended version of that...

Hiii smile emoticon
I'm Robs frienddddddd & thought i'd add you!
How're you?

(Look at that saucy one kiss in your first message. You know how to woo a girl.)

We've been friends for almost seven years now. Scientists say that friendships that last for seven years have an 80% chance of being life-long friendships. Isn't that exciting? Don't do anything to piss me off in the next six months or so ok?

I remember the evening you got engaged like it was actually yesterday. In fact I remember bothering you on your entire trip that something fishy was going on and that you were definitely going to get engaged...every few hours checking in "What perfect and awesome surprise has happened now?!" I mean man what a day that was!

I remember being drunk in a pub at a staff party when you called me from the stadium. Screaming down the phone, I'm not sure either of us entirely said proper words as you tried to explain to me what had just happened. on stage. with Paramore. Serenading you. LIKE A FUCKING PRINCESS.

I remember screaming to an old man who was next to me in the smoking area and maybe crying a little on him...and him not really knowing what was going on. Neither did anyone else there really. It still makes me jump around with excitement thinking about that night.

You wrote on her Timeline.

The night I got engaged I was all away in another country but I scoured the well wising comments from other people (sorry guys) to find yours (and a few others.) You had the best comment of course...* I really wish I could get onto my old Myspace account for the real origins of our friendship*

Leona Jayne May FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCKING GET IN, SHARKBAIT!! I'm so happy for you both!! Xxx

Since these magical days we've been sort of kind of, not really planning because we can't afford it. And now we are planning to for real. With actual things REAL WEDDING THINGS purchased and choices being made it makes me absolutely burst with excitement thinking of sharing our days together. Not just you though, we're excited about seeing Leopard and Balsam all dressed up and it being so perfect that they'll be the days that we'll really look back on when we're 85 and are TOTALLY ADORABLE OLD PEOPLE.

And yes I will cry on your wedding day.
And yes I will cry when you give birth. (If not scream a bit)
And yes I will cry at every fabulous thing that ever happens to you...or to me...or to us.
And yes I will always try my hardest to make animals at the zoo like us.

Love Sharkbait. Xx