Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Signs of Spring.

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care! *Flails around for a moment or two* Spring has shown it's wonderful first signs and I for one am whooping with joy both literally and metaphorically!  As you can see from my rather surprised looking face to the left; (and showing off my new No7 face match thingy magingy lipstick!) I opened the curtains to glorious sunshine on Sunday and promptly skipped out into the garden where I spent the day de-weeding, garden prepping and seed planting (as well as being introduced to the new neighbours next door and their 3 year old who by the afternoon was running around my front garden naked?! Oh and a cat came into the house TWICE Batman was NOT impressed!) It's been the first weekend in a while I've felt glad to be productive and not just wanted to crawl back under a blanket and binge watch Netflix- damn it felt good.

There's a smell of fresh rain and freshly mowed lawns in the air- the birds are singing just that little bit louder and the warmth of the sun is something I feel I've been longing for months now.

There have been other, subtler signs of Spring; 
  • Hot cross buns after a long day in the garden. Smothered with plenty of butter of course ;-).

  • Batman enjoying a plum whilst mid-malt. Seriously I have his fur just sticking to everything at the moment- it's making him pretty grumpy too!

  • Repotting house plants (and tending to my rather sad looking aloe vera plant!)

  • Nursing my very much growing forget me not's and getting excited for them flowering!

  • Starting (and finishing) new books. I'm enjoying how quickly I can get through these Nick Hornby books. They're such easy yet engaging reads.

How are you all enjoying the return to warmer weathers? 

Love Sophie Xx