Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Batman Diaries #7 Batman in Winter.

Here's Batman just casually sitting down to update his diary. He actually really does love sitting in front of the screen, watching what I'm doing. I'll leave the room, come back and he'll have typed some illegible sentence on a blog post or clicked on so many buttons that it takes me five minutes just to close down all the pages he's opened!

Batman gets pretty lazy in Winter. The days where the sun is shining he finds himself a spot and sleeps for hours. On the days where it isn't he usually pops himself at the end of the bed and sits, watching the tv or playing with the duvet cover.
Fullest in fur and probably at his grumpiest, Batman feels exactly the same as I do in willing spring to arrive. Soon he'll be needing endless brushes and will be clogging up every available surface with his whispy hairs. I've been collecting them for a while now with the long term plan of giving them all to my friend Stacie to use as wool. Super eco friendly Batman! 

And then every now and then, that cute little face doesn't just look like a black ball of wool and you catch a glimpse of his little grey bits and those cutie pie brown eyes...I might be biased. 

Love Sophie and Batman Xx


  1. Eeeep to Batman's chubby little cheeks.
    I'm familiar with the fur on everything scenario. Winter blows but Spring is hard work man.
    M x

  2. Love a good Batman post! He sounds just like Bunny used to be. He's definitely liked to type on the laptop..I'm sure I'll have tweets from years ago that he sent! :P

    Nearly Spring time little man, get those feet ready to spring about the place!



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