Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Late Nights & Bright City Lights. A Catch Up.

I've been a bit aloof again. The time to sleep has overruled the time to blog and write; resulting in finding myself a little lost to be honest. What started with a busy couple of weeks and just not being home/ near technology enough to write, faded into an uncertainty of what to write. I'm sure we've all been there.

 In truth my weeks haven't been as exciting as can be; I've spent some time away from home- travelled to the big city lights where I scrambled alone on the tube and ran across traffic to escape a stranger following me. I also had some achievements; completing the training and focusing on my promotion, coping on the city folk's impressive ability to survive on four hours sleep (no wonder they all look so fecking miserable by the way.) I've been learning that my ability to trust myself, far outweighs the responsibility and pressure from those around me and I've realised a few home truths that needed to be faced up to. It hasn't been the easiest couple of weeks for my self doubts and confidence- a marvel at the wonders of the human brain and how it surprises us all the time.

There have been a few surprises too. Pure joy at talking wedding talk with my best friend and the few quieter days that I've managed to snag with Harps have included my favourite things; plant shopping, cake eating and bed reading. I've been doing a lot of reading guys! 

So yes, I'm back again. I'm probably not at my absolute best self but I'm doing ok. Realisation can be tough and change can be tougher and I'm trying my best to embrace both. 

How is everyone? 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. This was such a lovely post, I definitely want to read 'About A Boy' by Nick Hornby cause I've heard a lot of good things about it!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  2. Welcome back, Sophie. I'm sorry to hear it's been a challenging few weeks, but hopefully that means more positive things are ahead than what lay behind.



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