Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lately I've Been...

Good evening you crazy cats, how in the world are you all? It's been beautiful spring weather hasn't it? It's strange though how a shorter week can feel like an even longer one. Probably from having too much of a nice time, resulting in a pretty sleepy Sunday. Doesn't Easter mark the beginning of the best parts of the year? I feel so homely and productive despite still adapting to my new routine! So what have I been up to I hear you cry? Well quite a bit I'll have you know...

  • Finishing one Hornby and starting another. Actually there's been another Hornby in-between these two- super book reader. Batman loves the smell of fresh books almost as much as I do!
  • Waking up late and giving my face a break from make up.
  • Eating picnmix. Seriously do I ever post something that doesn't include food?
  • Re-potting my forget-me-not and getting some bulbs planted ready for summer! I spent a lot of time in the garden over the last few days off (and most of Easter weekend). Such a therapeutic way to spend a sunny day.
  • Drinking FAR too much caffeine, something I'm VERY aware of but not quite ready to curb just yet...
  • Being spoilt with such majestic views whilst having my lunch at work. My Instagram has been full of nose-rubbing shots all week.
  • Getting sweaty and jolly raising money for charity. Last weekend I had the pleasure of donning the master of all mascot suits in aid of Tanya's Courage Trust; a very local charity founded by the family of a wonderful girl named Tanya after she sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 17. This fabulous organisation helps support young people with cancer and I was all too excited to get dressed up as Mickey mouse and help bucket collect in the town centre! Plus I got to bust out some of my best moves in a crowd FULL of people and everyone just cheered me on because they didn't know that in-fact a 23 year old girl was showcasing her best dancing. I broke it on down. *read that in an 80's voice will you?*

Are you all insanely jealous of my Mickey antics? I knew it...

Love Sophie XX


  1. I'm going to need to see further evidence of the groove busting moves, 'k?
    Glad you've been having fun in the sunshine. I've been hanging out in the garden too and it's a little bit bloody brilliant yes? Yes.
    Go get some sleep now yeah?
    M x

    1. I'll hip to hopptoy right on over there an bust down so moves so fresh you'll turn into an iceberg...That was the most gangster thing you've ever read wasn't it? I have spent too long not catching up on comments that you should prepare your strong woman self for a comment avalanche...:-) xxx

  2. I am so jealous of your Mickey antics - what an incredible thing to do for charity!

    Your lunch time view is pretty spectacular, especially compared to the grey streets I'm blessed with outside my office window!


    1. I am loving working in Falmouth! It does make the days pretty long but it's such a nicer environment and it's funny what that can do to your mood! XX


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