Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ring-A Ring O' Roses...(my first bbq of the year)

There are no pretty maids all in a row here. Just thought I'd get that out of the way incase you mis-clicked...It's basically a fancy title for what I've been up to the last week. Haven't we had glorious sunshine?! I've been racing outside at every given opportunity but surprisingly my area manager didn't agree that a bank-on-a-beach is quite what the company needs. He'll regret it I'm sure. 
Oh and I'd just like to make a note that the grass photographed above is most certainly NOT my garden! Harps is obsessed with our lawn, funnily I spoke with Michelle about this and we decided that all manly men are the same when it comes to lawn care- do you have an obsessive lawn man? 

I had to go to a meeting sit in an office for hours on end whilst sunshine mocked me on Wednesday and had absolutely no option but to treat myself to a mini haul at The Body Shop. I saw Rosie post about their banana shampoo the other week and just had to get some. It's amazing of course. I also find that their hemp hand moisturiser is just the best ever for my dry little paws (oh and it's buy one get one half price so I had no choice really but to get a couple of other bits!) Whilst we're on the subject can we just talk about how fucking amazing Rosie looked at her wedding? Congratulations beautiful lady and I hope you both have a fabulous month in Bali- that's a couple of blog posts I can't wait to read! 

I had Friday off and my mum needed a bit of adult time. I've got a little post coming up about caring for someone full time and I think you'll all agree that carers do not get any where near as much praise as they deserve! We headed to Charlies Boathouse (see previous posts here) and scoffed ourselves silly whilst putting the world to right. 

The day after I may or may not have had this delicious hot dog from Bangers With a Twist in Falmouth- it'd been such a busy Saturday at work that I hadn't had the chance to escape for some lunch. Luckily, on my way to the station, this little restaurant/cafe shouted to me from across the street where I was met by such lovely staff that understood my lunch woes and packed me on my way with this beauty! I'd definitely recommend popping in!

SUNDAY! THE DAY OF REST! I pottered around in the garden; pruning, weeding and planting to my little heart's content. Seriously, if my garden doesn't look like the bleeds Eden Project by the end of this summer there will be war. Harps whispered sweet nothings to his lawn (or something like that) and though there was a bit of a chilly wind, only gale force winds would have kept me inside.

Late afternoon we changed out of gardening gear and headed over to my parents for THE FIRST OFFICIAL BBQ OF THE YEAR! Isn't potato salad just delicious? Do any of you ever read these posts and wonder why I'm not 50st? Me too...

Back at work and swan watching on my lunch break. Like I said every second in the sun counts! 

And here's a farewell photo from Batman. He's been pretty grumpy because he's malting but on Sunday evening he slept most of it off in the cutest way ever. 

Love Sophie Xx