Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On A New Start...

Panic growing-up face/
Panic at how drunk I was going to get face.

I've taken a step towards growing up. More like a fucking leap really. I've finally finished working in the same town that I've worked in since I moved to Cornwall/left school/weekend job in school. I've flown the coop so to speak. And I've left behind a fabulous group of people. Do you ever sit and think about the fact that if you're working full time you're spending more of the week with the people you work with then anyone else? I've been lucky to have the best work family a girl could ask for since I started working at Santander and four years later they gave me the best send off I could have wished for. It probably explains my absence in these parts for a couple of weeks- here's some snaps of my last day, my leaving party* and my new fresh start. I know you'll love it you nosey buggers.

* The only photo taken by me at my leaving party was the one of cake. Obviously. I was far too busy trying not to cry to think about photo taking! 

Harps came to hold my tissues! Haha!

I had the most wonderful send off, some perfect gifts (seriously TWO unicorn themed pieces of jewellery and a high tea voucher for Harps and I to enjoy at the fanciest hotel for miles!) AS WELL AS THIS AMAZING CAKE! LOOK AT THIS CAKE GUYS! The lady pictured above on the right is Laura and I've worked closely with her for the entire time I've worked at Santander. She iced this fancy fellow and did such a fantastic job! Many cocktails were drunk (another reason I didn't take any photos!) and Harps and I returned home smiling but with a heavy heart. Thank you to everyone that came and made my evening a perfect time to end my St Austell reign...(I definitely reigned St Austell by the way; I'd worked in two other shops in the rather small town over the last 9 years!)

Oh and the clocks changed just as Harps went for a bedtime wee which meant his wee took one hour and three minutes. That was funny.

Roll on Monday morning. Fresh starts and new beginnings. I've started my new job in a brand new town. I've got to say, Falmouth couldn't be a more beautiful place to work. Up at the crack of dawn, flask in hand, I've been crawling to the station with a rather blank expression like the one below. Shuffling onto the train and half reading/ half gazing sleepily at the beautiful morning sights of Cornwall in spring. And hey, having the last of your morning tea with a sea view isn't half bad. Give it a week or so and I'm not sure I'll be quite so positive about the earlier starts but for now- it feels right. I'm ready for a new challenge and I'm ready to take that massive fucking leap into adulthood.

Love Sophie Xx


  1. Congratulations Sophie!!! Big steps into adulthood are scary but you can do it! That cake is adorable, and it looks like you had a great sendoff :) I hope the new job is going well - caff up for those early mornings!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Oooh oooh OOOOOH being a grown up is ok sometimes. Now and again. A little bit.
    Sending you all the luck for the exciting new start, Falmouth is pretty shit hot.
    And saying good bye to a job doesn't mean saying good bye to the people who made it awesome.
    That face is how all good grown ups look. Always.
    M x

  3. Starting a new job is so exciting but also very nerve-racking! So nice of your old co-workers to throw you a party! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. Falmouth is such a wonderful place to be :D Goodluck! ♥

    Fresh starts are so exciting ^.^ I'm still avoiding the leap into the real world although Uni is dragging on :P I envy your sea view every morning ^.^

    Sarah xxo |

  5. This is far too late to be posting a comment but congratulations on the new job! I hope you've well and truly settled in and been enjoying all the gorgeous weather during your lunch breaks - I agree, Falmouth is one mighty fine place to be! :-) xx (ps. that is definitely one awesome cake)


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