Tuesday, 14 April 2015

S/S Inspiration// Stripes & Trailer Park Boys

You know when you've watched so much Netflix that your wardrobe becomes a sort of homage? That's pretty much what happened when I clicked 'order' on Sheinside a couple of days ago. Too much of a wedding saving push and too much of a spending ban makes Sophie a grumpy terrapin (that's an actual known comparison to me when I'm grumpy!) And hey what's wrong with stripes on every outfit and a 90's nostalgia t-shirt with some Trailer Park Boys shorts? Summer here I come. 

Oh and the thing that encouraged me even more was a discount code on instagram for 33% off using INST33.

Happy not supposed to be shopping, shopping!

Love Sophie Xx

                                                 Liquor & Whores by Bubbles And The Shit Rockers on Grooveshark