Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thankful Thursday// March.

How can we be almost a quarter of the way through the year?! Raise your hand if you've barely stopped writing 2014? Me too. Anyway, March has been a rather elusive month. I travelled to the big cities and have been mostly found nose in a book somewhere. It's been a month of planning and now things are starting to fall into place I'm feeling much more settled and much more excited about the rest of the year! Here's a few things I've been grateful for in March...

  • Lighter evenings.
  • Carby dinners with best friends.
  • Starting my new job and the future it brings.
  • Never-ending support from my dear Harps.
  • Honest talks with my parents and honest thoughts with myself.
  • Being appreciated.
  • Sharing a vanilla NY cheesecake with Harps that's meant for six people.
  • My favourite flowers filling the house.
  • Fresh scents. I've recently bought two of The Library of Fragrance range- fresh linen and mango. They're perfect for everyday wear and it's nice to have a single scent sometimes! (Currently 2 for £25 in Boots!)
  • Wedding planning. Marquees here we come!
  • Hot cross buns
  • The not so great eclipse. It still got me excited! And blurry vision for a few hours!
  • Terry Pratchett enriching my life.
  • Three (almost four) new books ticked off the o'l To Read list!
  • The four day weekend that starts tomorrow

What have you all been thankful for in March? April is here and it brings us hopes of warmer weather again! High five to the long weekend and Easter treats!

Love Sophie Xx