Friday, 5 June 2015

Batman Diaries #8 Batman's Ready For Summer.

Let's all cheer for Batman's malt being over! Seriously he's in such a grump over the few weeks in spring that he sheds his winter coat. He's back to looking slick and quite frankly- handsome. Sunny weather brings out the best in Batman, who loves nothing more than a day of frolicking around the house, a few blueberries for good measure and afternoon sun on our bed gives him the perfect place for a little snooze and some play. 

I'm finding that slowly he's becoming more affectionate. Batman's never liked being picked up- only a handful of times has he 'let' anyone hold him. He used to hate even being stroked for too long, preferring to run in circles as fast as he can. Now though, coming out of his rabbit 'teens' there are days where he prefers to snuggle, give kisses and be fussed over. He's gained a trust that means even when he's playing, he rarely uses his claws. 

Despite him completely dominating our house and having complete control of both of us, summer really does make him happier and this year we've bought him an outside pen to play in, we've got a whole new adventure to plan for.

Love Sophie and Batman Xx