Sunday, 21 June 2015

Two Weeks Of Happiness In Photos.

Let's start by just making this clear. I want to be on holiday forever. I need to invent something incredible that the world buys in bulk for the next 50+ years and I can spend my days frolicking around Cornwall as I'm meant to. Any ideas? The last two weeks have been some of the best this year. Thankfully it hasn't felt like one of those really fast holidays and I've really rejuvenated during the time; ready to crack on for the next couple of months until my next little snippet of joy. 

Funnily, the only time I really did try and do some work during my holiday I managed to lock myself out of my email, phone and calendar. Sometimes life just spells it out for you doesn't it? So, what have I been up to? I know all you nosey badgers love to find out! 

We've been pretty lucky with the weather, for the first week Harps was also on holiday and we spent a lot of time catching up with friends and family, burning reading in the garden, Batman adventuring, pilates on the grass and evening walks just for the hell of it. It's nice when you haven't got to worry about what time you need to wake up or getting the shopping for the week to save time; the freedom of breaking routine is the happiest isn't it?

During the first week we also got a lot of wedding plans sorted; even more excitingly, passing the one year mark until the actual day- there'll be more about this later this week so keep an eye out! I caught up with some friends for the less sunny days, scoffing as much cake and hot chocolate that my body could physically handle before passing said 'one year mark' and venturing into my 'health regime'. (Gonna be honest, week number two did NOT help with that *read didn't stop scoffing cake.*) It was all nicely rounded off with family BBQs and Newquay's Electric Beach Festival where we fought the rain to see Backbeat Soundsystem, Dreadzone & The Cat Empire (awesome bands if you've never heard them!) 

The second week I was flying solo, Harps returned to work and I visited my first ever bridal shop! It was a massive disappointment to be honest and despite trying on three dresses- I wasn't sold on any which resulted in mother and I in M&S cafe people watching and gossiping. More little wedding details came together, exaggerating all of my thoughts with Stacie as we spent the loveliest day at the beach. I also popped over to Plymouth to see Liona & Leopard, after a rather one-sided game of ping-pong, we sat admiring the view and catching up before having the tastiest lunch at Wagamamas where they proceeded to mock my spoon fears and we compared Game of Thrones conspiracy theories.When Harps did have a day off we took a trip for the most delicious and fancy cream tea at Carlyon Bay Hotel, overlooking the shoreline in weather that could have easily have been somewhere much more Mediterranean. I may or may not have got a little confused on the walk back and 45 minutes later walked in a complete circle in the blistering heat, bellies full- Harps wasn't best pleased when we looked ahead and saw the hotel sign again...

So that's it. Two glorious weeks all wrapped up into one. You can see just above how 'great' Leona's shot is... I miss this holiday already. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to iron clothes, set my alarm for an early morning and generally get back into routine. 

Love Sophie Xx