Saturday, 20 June 2015

Batman Diaries #9 A Very Important Day.

Batman has had a life changing day. He's finally been outside in the garden! It's no secret that our little bun is actually a massive pain in the arse- stubborn as hell and no way was he ever going to let us get him in a little harness (and finding one small enough proved to be impossible!) He's more than happy to get into his little pet carrier though and we know how much he loves lounging in the sun through the window. 

Finally we've found a little pen for him that was a) Affordable- most of the runs or pens we'd found had been really overpriced this scraped in at just under £30! b) Very safe- Of course any sort of harm coming to my bun was number one priority but this pen comes with a half netted/ half shaded cover for sneaky birds and cats from above, pegs into the ground so that little Batman can't squirm his way out into harm and is really the perfect height and diameter for him to have a nice run around without being vulnerable. c) Super easy use- It literally took us less than five minutes to put it up and take it down after Batman was finished frolicking- remember not to keep little buns out in the sun for too long! Especially if they're a bit weird like Batman and don't like to go in the shade much.

After a while of trying to convince Batman to use the door of his new pen, we ended up putting his whole carrier in the pen so he still had a familiar place to run back into and could come out in his own time. He was pretty unsure for a while...

New found freedom! Eventually he emerged, stretching and sniffing, sneaking and stalking little bugs and blades of grass. 

Settling down for a snack and some sunshine. 

Do any of you have any tips for keeping small pets safe outside? Whether it be cooling down tips or fun ideas for buns in the sun? This summer is going to be much more exciting for our little Batman. He really did love his first time outside!

Love Sophie & Batman Xx