Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Green Fingers.

Am I getting old? I feel like I'm gaining such an appreciation for my garden and growing things that I'm sure I'm going to need tenna-lady soon? It's great though isn't it? Getting muddy under the nails, coming outside each morning and "ooh-ing" over what's sprouted over night *note to self, start naming your plants*...I literally have no idea what's growing in my garden. All packets of seeds were bought based on the pretty picture on the front, all of which got stuck into compost like a five year old growing cress...yet I've discovered something- That's literally what gardening is! The whole stick a seed in some mud, put it in the sun and water it (barely though- thanks Cornish weather!) ACTUALLY WORKS. That's all there is to it...(could I offend any more actual gardeners with this post?)

Batman is happy that there's some green stuff to eat, the forget me nots that Leona gave me a while back are taking over all other plants- those bad boys want to rule to roost (see what I mean, I genuinely think my plants have attitude??) My freckles have enjoyed making appearances and my hair just looks too snazzy in the wind not to take selfies. I'm not sure Harps is that keen every time I come home with new plant pots or more half-dead looking weeds from the bargain section in Lidl. I'm becoming proud of my garden- minus the day where my next door neighbour 'casually' left some 'Gardeners World' magazines on our joining fence. 

Any planting or growing tips? My main problems seem to have been..

1) Small children from next door pulling out my baby fir-tree which now sits rather miserably hanging to one side...
3) The snails/slugs/ whatever arseholes that destroyed my sunflowers...How do I make them pay?

Oh and just to add to the garden excitement, last weekend we invested in an outdoor pen for Batman. Seeing as he won't let us put a harness on him, we still want him to enjoy the summer with us and we grabbed the perfect bargain when we saw it. Stay tuned for Batman's first adventure outdoors very soon!

Love Sophie Xx