Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #15 Charts That Demonstrate Where to Pet Pets, Robosex?! Longest Separated Twins Find Each Other and Two Skaters Are Trying to Build Ethiopia's First Skate Park.

Good morning land of water and greenery! Back to work I go after a few lovely days off and I'm feeling pretty pretty pretty pretty good.(seriously if you don't get my Larry David references I'm disappointed.) I'm missing my little bunny, I'd like to take him to work and keep him in my office- I'm certain he'd attract loads more customers, but I'm not sure that the company suggestion page has a section for petting zoo requirements  requests. I'm gonna work on it. Really, there should be a petting zoo pretty much everywhere. Supermarkets, swimming pools, traffic lights, doctors surgeries, churches, libraries, public toilets....the list goes on. All of these places are perfectly suitable for a little petting zoo (free range, happy animals, of course!) I'll start a petition. I've been reading oodles of news stories whilst I've been off, most of which have been disappointingly miserable. So this week, I am to spring a little life into your step and help you recover from the post bank holiday blues.

Let us crack on...

Robosex?! Via TheSun Newspaper.

I took a photo of a tiny article that featured in yesterdays The Sun newspaper. Don't ask me why we buy it, we're suckers for Dear Deidree. ONE IN SIX BRITS WOULD HAVE SEX WITH A ROBOT?! I'm sorry, but have I missed something here?! I want a list of possible reasons that people would, right now please. That's incredibly creepy...what is wrong with people? With a combined fear of mannequins, Arnold Schwarzenegger and technology, this is quite possibly one of the most petrifying thoughts of my life. Robot porn would be creepy as fuck too. 

Charts That Illustrate How to Pet Your Pets Via

All of these are brilliant, but the hedgehog one actually made me belly laugh. You're welcome.

Ann Hunt and her twin sister, Elizabeth Hamel, are 78 years old and this article told the fascinating and heartwarming story of these ladies finding each other after a lifetime apart. Ann contacted Elizabeth after finding out that they were related, she'd never known until researching the family tree.    Unlike Ann, Elizabeth knew she'd been adopted and that she had a twin but after being relocated to Oregon US, time had passed, both had married and been widowed; it grew unlikely that they would be reunited. The article goes on to explain how it came that one daughter stayed with their mother whilst the other adopted, how they met face to face for the first time and more interestingly, the similarities and differences between them. There are tests to confirm as to whether they are identical twins or not. Though they look similar, it's far from obvious as to whether they are identical or not. The studies being conducted are to show as to how much an environment has an effect on the way you look, to the extent that two exact replicas of one person could end up looking rather separate. Fascinating stuff.

Check it out.

Love Sophie Xx

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  1. Did you run animal petting via Batman? Did he have an opinion?
    I think BM and I would have a lot to discuss. Not about robosex though, that shit is weird.
    M x Life Outside London


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