Tuesday, 6 May 2014

When You Live Beside the Seaside...And a Review of The Cornish Tea Company.

"The cure for anything is salt water: water, sweat or the sea."- Isak Dinesen.

Good Afternoon tinterweb friends! I have to say, I enjoy the life of not working. I'm pretty sure I could get used to it. Honestly, I've had three wonderful days off (the perks of working Saturdays and having Tuesdays off.) I've been spending lots of time with this little fella, walking on pebble beaches with my man and drinking lots of tea, accompanied by a plethora of pastries of course. Not to forget catching up on all of you beautiful fellow writers. P.s. I hope you all like my leftover from easter "HAPPY" bunting?! Batman sure does!

It was another visit to Charlestown (see my location location location post) with my boy. The weather was pretty windy, and if I'm honest, I really didn't expect it to be so busy! But I suppose that's a bank holiday weekend in Cornwall for ya. The walk certainly blew the cobwebs away! I'm not much of a fan of pebbled beaches; they hurt my knees and make me feel like I'm going to fall over, but Charlestown always reminds me of visiting my Nanny & Grandpa before we moved down. I used to come here with Nanny and sit on the rocks singing "I'm a little mermaid, sitting on the rocks." She found it hilarious and always reminded me of it. So we went for a little wonder, and I wished I could find a snazzy artefact to talk to you all about. Alas, I only saw an orange juice carton. Not easy to make that out to be treasure.

The Cornish Tea Company aka Smugglers Brew.

As soon as I saw this bright yellow packaging and the words 'Smugglers Brew' (coincidently, also the company's twitter name) I knew I had to buy this. I like to think of my blog as quite a Cornwall inspired selection of rambles (and you all know how much I love tea...it's pretty much mentioned all the time.) My daily tea of choice is usually Yorkshire Tea, because I think you get a really full, rich flavour. I'm partial to a green tea and earl grey, but this involves getting the teapot out and I'm a bit too lazy to do that every day. Yes, in the summer, I do enjoy a fruity tea (mango being the best) but generally, black tea in a mug is where it's at. Lets be honest. Anyway, the packaging is fab- there's little snippets of Cornwall history, funny quips (think Ben & Jerrys/ Innocent-esque) and a philosophical question..."To dunk or not to dunk."...What more can a girl want. Well, you want the tea to be good. I also grabbed their partner company (actually I think they may be all in one)- Cornish Gold Coffee, (but as we know, I don't drink coffee- so I'll get Harps to review that and get back to you.) And a bit of sneaky delicious fudge. Pretty perfect bank holiday right?  They came foil wrapped for extra freshness, but when I opened it I must admit I panicked a little at the small, circular bag. (I've definitely fallen for the abstract bag shapes- despite it having no difference on the actual tea) I was concerned that it would mean I was on the train to Weak Teasville, and poured the water in dubiously. Almost as soon as I poured, the little bag came to life, dying the boiled water blacker and stronger than most teas I've tried (and we know this is a lot). I was so so impressed, it really is a delicious tea! It has a strong black tea flavour, without being too overpowering. It has officially replaced my morning tea, and being local is just a bonus really! 


Have a brilliant week ladies and gents!
Love Sophie Xx 


  1. Any bank holiday weekend which involves tea and fudge is a perfect bank holiday weekend! Love the quote at the end, made me giggle :)

    Sophie/ www.prettyandpolished.co.uk

  2. I love Charlestown, I went there on my birthday a couple of years ago and had a lovely lunch in a little café there. I bet it was lovely there this weekend in the sunshine. I have the quote you started the post with in a frame in our spare bedroom, I'm always won over by anything remotely related to the seaside :) xo


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