Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #16 Signatures- A Sad Story, Amazing Sand Drawing Art, Street Fridges to Inspire You, Some Charming Untranslatable Words & Bothering Batman.

Good Wednesday one and all! How are you all this week?! Don't may scare it away...I think summer may be coming? *gasp* I know, I know, crazy bitch...
I've been spending a bit more time having Mac-fun. Harp's got involved and I make a pretty brilliant beaver (no pun intended) don't you think? Haha! 

Bothering Batman.

To begin with, you've probably seen my recent Batman video on Instagram or Facebook....If not, you should. Here it is. At this point I'd like to point out that all I did was record the video. Silly bunny.

Saudi Arabia: Man Installs Street Fridge For The Needy. Via

An anonymous man has set up a working fridge in the street of his hometown, Hail. He intended it to be a way of helping those that needed it, to receive food without having to ask for help; keeping their pride and dignity. He started by leaving his leftovers but since then, it's taken off by storm and now more and more people are adding fresh food as well as leftovers in the fridge. Isn't that a lovely show of community spirit? Brilliant stuff.

Is a Signature Still Useful? Via

A very interesting article about the decline of the signature. I'm curious to know, how you all feel? Do you think a signature symbolises somebody's identity? Has the signature had it's day? And also, our signatures change throughout our lives, is that something that we can adapt with? As the article quite rightly points out, from a security perspective, the days of using your name to verify who you are, are almost kaput. As technology develops, do you think that the signature will become more outdated? Personally, I love a signature. I see so many on a daily basis and you definitely notice the difference in generations of signatures. I like the people that take their time to do theirs, ensuring that whatever it is that their writing on has been sealed with their name. I think we should take more pride in a signature. HERE HERE! (You can tell my very British Grandpa helped raise me!)

Extraordinary Sand Drawing Art Via

Wow. Just wow. I wish I could do this. 

Some Charming Illustrations For Some Untranslatable Words. Via

I urge you to go and look at all of these. Even more-so to go and check out Anjana Iyer's website. It's unbelievably beautiful. She's an amazing illustrator. What a lovely 100 days project to do.  Some of these words are brilliant.

Love Sophie Xx

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  1. I love your weird and wonderful new wednesdays! Poor Batman! And those sand drawings are amazing! There is a guy in Byron who draws on the sand almost every day, just for people's enjoyment. He is an older gentleman and a bit of a hippy, and is always down at the beach with his big rake he uses to draw with making pretty patterns in the sand! xx


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