Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good Thursday to you all! I've gotta be honest, I'm not feeling all that thankful this Thursday. My boy is away on a course, it's been a long week and I'm pretty tired out. So we're gonna make it short and sweet ok? I've been reading some brilliant posts recently and can't wait to snuggle down on Sunday and share all my recent loves. I planned on it today, alas my weak body cannot cope.

A little bit of thanks goes to...

1) The world- For presenting this wonderful Tuesday afternoon treat. I sat down and painted a polystyrene dinosaur...of course....with tea and jelly babies. Happiness.

2) This bad boy

3) Animal Plasters- Because when you scrape your knee tripping over your loosely done up shoelaces  and want to cry like a little girl because it stings oh so bad, animal plasters make it that little bit easier to cope with. Especially if they're bat shaped and match your dress. Still hurt though.

4) These Cute Plants- A wonderful lady that I work with and I got chatting over lunch about my enjoyment of gardening, but lack of knowledge or understanding about how to actually look after plants. She's potted me a lovely selection of lavender, white foxgloves, tomato plants and a mystery plant she doesn't know the name of. I can't wait to get them all planted! I'll keep you posted!

5) A Delicious Dessert- This evening has been the highlight of my week. Sharing a delicious meal with a beautiful friend. She's the "Anything can happen." martyr of life. We had a brilliant catch up and Prezzo has just opened in St Austell, so we tried there. It was super tasty and I laughed more than I have all week. 

Forever and always, thank you to Lisette and the elusive Liona (we should all wish her sciencey exam luck!) for inspiring me to be more thankful. I've gotta say, writing this week's post has certainly cheered me up.
Love Sophie Xx

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  1. Aww the sun is shining! Good luck with your plants! I'm in the process of killing my two strawberry seedlings :( xx


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