Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weird & Wonderful News Wednesday #21 The Batman Diaries #4- My Weird Rabbit.

Hello there Wednesday Superstars! How are we all this fine week? I have been so super duper busy (more on that tomorrow) which just means that I haven't caught up on the news for like the third week in a row- sozages people. Everyone prefers a Batman post anyway...

When I first became Batman's owner soulmate best friend, I was surprised from early on what a personality he had. Over the last 18 months of being a bunny fanatic, I've watched my little guy grow and change as we become closer. Rabbits don't give up their love easily. After the early months of chasing him around, arms flailing, shouting "Just love me will you!?" I quickly (well, not so quickly) realised that it just wasn't going to happen. I worried, that Batman would never show me the love that I have devoted to him and I panicked that Harps would become the favourite (over my dead body!) Fast forward 18 months later and my little bun and I are smitten. I know when he's in the mood for strokes, when he wants to watch films with us on his own little screen, when he wants to play fetch and when he's up for a few bunny kisses (the best kisses in the world-fact.) I also know when he's grumpy because the hoover woke him up or when he doesn't want to play with me, and instead would rather pretend that he's a super-speed-machine. It's all about getting to know each other. So if you're thinking of getting a bunny and want a pet that will sit on your lap for ages and immediately love you- think again at getting one. If you want a best friend, who'll make you laugh CONSTANTLY and a pet to build a friendship with- go for it.

It is on that note that I wanted to share a few of Batman's weirdest and most wonderful little quirks. Happy Wednesday folks...

"Just rolling this toilet paper around..and then standing on it for authority."

"Just chilling out in your tea tray even though it's practically vertical and my claws are falling out, trying to hold on..."

"Just gonna climb over these shoes guys, to get to...Oh wait..."

"Just gonna look out the window with this curtain over me."

"Oh hey guys! Just here to supervise your toilet visits. Thinking of unrolling some of this toilet paper ok?"

"Hey guys! Just gonna sit with my face on this table leg and hold it still for you."

.."Hey guys! Just trying out my new tube. Got a bit panicked at the end there. Don't show people that bit will you?"

What is everyone's plans for the rest of the week? I cannot wait for Friday when I am on HOLIDAY for a few days and can catch up on sleep, on all of your lovely blog posts and partaaaayyy for Harp's birthday. Also we're hopefully going to look at a couple of wedding venues *squeals*. 

Until then, see you tomorrow.
Love Sophie & Batman Xx


  1. Guuuh! The bunny feels!! I remember all too well the struggle of getting my rabbit to love me haha but as you say it's more than worth it once they settle in and you realize their personality.
    The toilet photo is familiar too...even my dog likes to supervise bathroom visits lol

    - Danielle x

    1. They sure are crazy creatures! What breed is your bunny? I wish we could have a dog! Alas, the strife of renting and working full time means it's unlikely anytime soon! Xx

  2. Batman is the cutest! I'd love a bunny but need to wait until I am in a place where pets are allowed!

    1. YES SUNAE! They can be overseas friends! xxx


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