Thursday, 4 September 2014

Thankful Thursday

I am ready for bed. In both the mental, emotional and literal sense. Ever have those weeks where you sleep so badly that it becomes a routine of sleeping badly? Yeah that's where I'm at right about now. It has now got to today, where I am actually really bloody struggling to be an adult because all I want to do is cry until someone puts me down for a nap, strangely, not to dissimilar to what Harps did about an hour ago. Big baby right here. Don't judge me, I'm a loose, sleepy cannon. Any tips Thursday readers? Please tell me all about your week and your thankfulness so that I have something to read in the middle of the blinking night?!

I'm feeling thankful for...

1) That I'm not living in a war zone or place with any conflict. Pretty lucky here in the Cornwall shire. Turning on the news is pretty hard these days.

2) Thinking Clearly- See my new book above. I'm thankful that this little book is expanding my thinking and subtly encroaching on my life (in a good way.) I want to do a few little posts about some of my findings in here. Watch this space.

3) The little return of summer- Kind of. But it's been bleedy brilliant (I'm sure Michelle has been loving it too as she's sick of my GO AUTUMN attitude.) 

4) Myself- I'm grateful to myself this week for being a strong ox who follows her own vision and own plans and actually is pretty good at these things! Who'd have known!? I'm in a place where I actually feel like I'm on Team Sophie and I feel proud for being about there. (Even if Team Sophie is about to throw a tantrum because she can't decide what to have for dinner/stood on a raisin) 

5) This quote.  Because it sums up EXACTLY how I feel right now. Which is a pretty good outlook on life I'd say?

Thankyou Lisette and Leona, you both inspire me to be more thankful, which I think is a wonderful thing to be responsible for.
Love Sophie Xx
P.s. Sorry if when I read this tomorrow it's just a rambley mess of messness. 

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  1. I'm so thankful for your blog! I love reading your posts and glad to hear that you follow your own visions and plans. I'm the same way! And it's such a great sense of accomplishment when you decide to do something and follow through with it...when things come full circle :) This week I'm thankful for my parents, who are always there for me when I feel like no one else is, Im thankful for my job and my coworkers, who give me something to focus on other than the massive amount of homework that I have waiting for me at home, and I'm thankful for confidence, which is just starting to make an appearance in my life, which has been a foreign concept to me until just recently.
    What a lovely post!
    ~ Samantha


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