Monday, 15 September 2014

There is Nothing Quite Like a Bimble Birthday.

Birthday Cake Deliciousness                                  Holding my nose...ya know, so I can't breathe and all. 
Another year, another year older. On Sunday, Bimble (learn a little here) turned 39! That's right! That splendid, extra chromosomed champion of my family is becoming a bit of an oldie! As you'll all know from reading my intro post, Bimble is the shining beacon of our little family. Always there to make a fart impression at inappropriate times, hide your possessions just to make himself laugh, and general other tomfoolery. He is BIG on birthdays, it pretty much becomes the countdown in June and we all spend months telling him 'It's ages away!' In fact, at any other birthday throughout the year, he mentions 'HIS birthday is coming up' even if it's January. Usually when we ask him what the birthday plans are, he replies with "Party." Which inevitably means in real terms- a bunch of us sitting around a buffet whilst Bimble mingles around the room. The ever social butterfly. 

This year, however, he decided that he wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant near to us. So the quieter and more intimate party brigade that we all were, went to The Watermargin in St Austell. His birthday fell on the 'All You Can Eat For £15' day so I was pretty excited. Starving myself all day definitely paid off. The decor of the restaurant needed updating a good 30 years, but the food was delicious! So delicious, that I forgot to take photos of any of it. Just showed off my SECOND time ever at sussing chopsticks and wolfed it down. The staff knew when my mum booked the table, that it was his birthday and made a real fuss. They got banners and balloons and were especially attentive to him throughout our time there. I think he stood a pretty damn good chance of pulling one of the waitresses too! Smooth mover. (I kept on telling him to go and wait in the toilets for her and making him blush and slap me saying "Stop it Sophie!")

Whilst waiting between courses, we started (as a table) playing tiddlywinks with the confetti they'd put out. Bimble took it very seriously in-between playing the drums with his chopsticks and demanding that I take more photos with him. I gave Bimble his gift, the newest muppets film of course, Muppets Most Wanted, which I believe he has spent the ENTIRE Monday watching. Seriously, you'll never meet a more dedicated fan.

Just as we were leaving Bimble uttered the words....'Christmas?'
Here we go again...

Love Sophie Xx

This was taken a few days prior when Bimble took a little
snooze in the car like a little nodding dog.


  1. I'm going to have every single of my birthdays from now on in the Bimble way. Seriously, that guy knows how to do birthdays.
    Belated happy birthday Bimb.
    M x

  2. Aww happy belated birthday Bimble!
    My brother will be 29 in a few weeks, he doesn't know what day his birthday really is but when he's made a fuss of with balloons, presents and cakes, he certainly gets into the swing of things - I think we usually have to relight the candles about 20 times! People with Down's really do know how to have the best birthdays and celebrations! :-) xx


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