Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Little Batman Post and A Very Lovely Sunday!

Good Evening everyone! Batman and I have been having a lovely Sunday, catching up on all the bits and bobs that I've missed since Christmas! Check out this "Autoawesome" photo that Google+ created! Doesn't Batman look like he's going crazy! Ha-Ha! Heres some more photos of Batman enjoying his Christmas presents! He got lots of goodies but these have definitely been his favourite things! Below is a 'Carrot Tree' from Amazon! He likes chasing them around! I'm trying to get a video of him, but he's too quick!

He also really loved his tasty ice-cream treat! I got it from my local pet-shop! You should always shop local when you can guys! They're so friendly and helpful in there, I'd never go somewhere else for his main essentials! After he had it though, he had to have a bit of a lie down. Haha! He's banned from going upstairs unsupervised these days and it's made him much more relaxed and cuddlier! It's easier to keep him in his bedtime routine AND he doesn't even need his litter tray! Just pops into his hutch, all like "S'cuse me guys, I'll be back in a sec."

I went for a lovely roast with my parents last Sunday! They're looking pretty damn snazzy in those faux fur hats right? We were browsing Griggs Country Store before we went and had an amazing meal in the Griggs Restaurant! I had roast beef and LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT YORKSHIRE! It was so good! Then for desert I had the tastiest chocolate and pistachio creme brulee ever! I forgot to take a snap of it before I gobbled it down! Sorry! I can let you in on a little secret...My step-brother is the head chef there and I was just blown away. Who knew he was so talented. Very proud sister right here! But don't tell him that. Haha!

Last, but not least..Need a new bookshelf much!? Look at the overflowing mess! I love books, I'll never succumb to the e-reader. I love the smell, the feel, the passion of a proper book. What are your thoughts?

Happy Sunday! 
Love Sophie!

Oh and P.S Thankyou so much for such lovely feedback about my recent "An Insight To Bimble" post. It's wonderful to think that some of you felt differently about people with downsyndrome after reading it! It was even more lovely for the feedback from family and friends about how accurate they felt it portrayed him. He's a cheeky sod really. Haha.


  1. Looks like you've been having a lovely time with Batman and seeing you parents! there is nothing quite like a good meal out with your family, is there?

    I am on a total book buying binge at the moment! I have bought and read so many over the past few weeks that I think I need a new bookshelf as well! I'm totally with you on the book vs kindle thing, too - there is nothing quite like the smell and feel of a book! xx

    1. Oh Sunae, it's like you've stolen the words from me! I haven't stopped reading recently! I took ages, stuck on one book called "Skippy Dies" but I've just speed read through "Philomena" which was just AMAZING! I've got so many new ones, I don't know where to go next! xxx


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