Thursday, 30 January 2014

*Drumroll please...* HAPPY THANKFUL THURSDAY!!

Good evening fellow thankful people in the land of t'interweb. I hope that you're all having a glorious day! I didn't. Haha. This cold weather sure is making me Mr Grumps. I just can't warm up no matter how hard I try...Must be too tired *sigh*..I currently write this to you all under a T-shirt, jumper, cardigan AND blanket...Maybe I was just made for the sunshine...

Anywhooty, I am still just as thankful as always this Thursday;

  1. Rainbows: When my Nanny died, there was the brightest rainbow I've ever seen in the sky. Lots of people say that actually. I like rainbows because I like to think that Nanny is saying hello. Also I think that it means another wonderful person has passed away an left a gift in the sky.
  2. My new wall motto! It's above my bed and Harps slaved putting it up on his day off because I INSISTED that it was up so that I could be thankful for it! Hahaha!
  3. This snazzy jacket. Which so far everyone that has seen it, pretty much hates it. I feel like a Scottish detective in it! ;-)
  4. THIS LADY RIGHT HERE. She makes me uber thankful always. (Especially my cute reminder to not forget Thankful Thursday!)  I love this picture, and in celebrating of  "Thankful Thursday" AND "Throwback Thursday"....(Which one is it? Thursday is a busy day to be online!)...I wanted to share it with you. Here's Liona giving a rawwww and me showing off my shark teeth :-)
And as always, a humongous thank you to Leona and Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful! 
P.S. Have a look at my fellow newbie to Thankful Thursdays, Sunae, she's also a rep for Arbonne, the amazing line I was talking about yesterday and quite a bit of a babe!

Love Sophie XX


  1. Thanks for the mention, Sophie! I LOVE that wall quote! So cute! I probably should have mentioned that I'm thankful for blog friends in my post, because seeing things like this reminds me how special it is :) xx

  2. I am thankful for you too, you gorgeous bundle of happy. x


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