Sunday, 12 January 2014

Quite Possibly The Latest Christmas Post Ever.

HELLO! I AM BACK! I am so sorry that I haven't written in like a month! The horrible weather broke our telephone and broadband line! It took like two weeks to fix! *shakes fist at BT*...So this post I want to just catch you all up from my lovely Christmas and begin the COUNTDOWN UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! WHICH IS THREE DAYS AWAY! Keep your eyes peeled for my 'Birthday Wishlist' post later on!

Christmas was magical! I can finally reveal the big surprise! Harp's mummy came down all the way from York to spend Christmas with us! It was such a lovely time that we had with them and I know it made my boys' Christmas extra special! We went to my parents in the morning and spent some time with Mummy, Daddy and Bimble; they all loved their presents and I got a 4ft inflatable shark! It's awesome! It's helium filled and remote controlled! I'll post all  about my adventures with it when the weather calms down a bit!

Then we went and had a very yummy lunch at Harp's Grandparents with them and his mummy and Carl. Harps got a crocodile onesie and I got lots of lovely things! We also got a fun game called Pictionary Man as well as some others. 

New Years Eve, we were shattered! Neither of us had much time off after Christmas, so we spent it just the two of us (three including Batman!), got drunk, did a puzzle, played with Lego and tried to play Pictionary Man (by then we were a little sozzled). Can you guess what Pixar film Harps was drawing?!? Batman had a great time, the cutie-pie even had his own stocking! 

Christmas = Success.
Love Sophie xx

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