Sunday, 12 January 2014

I AM OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAY! And a Birthday Wishlist!

WHY IS THE WEATHER TRYING TO DESTROY MY HOLIDAY!? That's right! Holiday! Whoppeeeeeeee! I have a week off for my birthday! Which is in 3 days! Yes 3 days! Not that I'm excited at fuck that! Hellz yeah I'm excited and it's for two very specific reasons. 1) It'll be mine an Batman's anniversary (for those of you who don't know, we came into each-others lives last year on my 21st birthday.) 2) IT'S TIME FOR MY ANNUAL TRIP TO THE ZOO! Now I know what you're thinking, "Sophie, surely if you love animals as much as you say you do, you wouldn't agree with them being caged and out of their natural habitat?!"...Well yes and no. I do love animals. Muchly. I am making a conscious effort to stop using products that are tested on animals, and also to become more aware and less naive about the horrible conditions that some of our world's finest creatures have to endure. But I also have one slight problem....5 year old Sophie always wins. And it's 5 year old Sophie that cannot wait to spend the day there with my boy this week. Last year dear Liona came with us! What a fun time we had! I held hands with a couple of monkeys. Harps and Liona were scardy cats, Liona and I touched a sloth (he loved us) AND Harps is petrified of birds which is always amazing to witness him flapping around in a panic. 

And here it is! My Official Birthday Pick List for Harps to buy from. (He wants me to wear hi-tops with dresses. Says he finds it sexy (weirdo)..But then I have a thing for lumberjack anywhoo)...

ASOS watch, Hare & Wishbone charm necklace, Sandcastle Chamilia bead, ASOS scallop lace dress, ASOS green skater dress, Ellie Andrews Pineapple T-Shirt, And any of these Nike Blazer Hi-tops!

Plenty to choose from I'd say! Now if you'll excuse me...our landlord wants to do an inspection, so I have some Batman gnawed holes in doors to fill! Bloody rabbit.

3 days to go! 
Love Sophie xx


  1. Love your blog Sophie! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!


    1. *Sigh* Me too Liony lion. Me too! When are you off next week? xx


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