Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blog Posts to 'Look Out' For.

See what I did with this old photo of me? Blog Posts to 'Look' Out For? I'm so clever! Anywhooty, there seems to be an awful long build up of posts I've saved on Bloglovin because I've loved reading them and I felt that it may be time to share that blog reading love. Some may be a little old now but hey what does that matter? So put the kettle on, snuggle down and have a good ol browse. Who knows, you may find some new friends!

  • Sunae aka Little Foal's Casual Spring Outfit post was super lovely and just what I needed after a rainy walk home from work.
  • Bee aka Fill my little world's Lessons learnt moving out of home and away from London was refreshingly honest and so well written. 
  • Sophie aka onetenzeroseven's Letter To My Young Self, Aged 17 & a Half was really inspiring! I think I'd like to do something similar sometime. It's good to look back. 
  • Liona aka Oh! Leona's Spotlight of Awesomeness showed some really cute doggy illustrations! I'd like these all along one wall, like a library of doggies. 
  • Rosie aka A Rosie Outlook's 40 hours in San Fransisco gave me huge wanderlust. I had never really rated it 'up there' as a place to go, her post has COMPLETELY converted me.
  • Sarah aka daydreams of summertime's Saturday Switch Off makes a good point about how much time we spend watching tv, online etc. It's nice to stop with a cup of tea without these things.
  • Michelle aka Life Outside London's The Kindness Project is my favourite blog post of the minute. I actually have a massive girl crush on Michelle and stalk her on a semi-regular basis.
  • Emma aka Made In Hunters's A tour around Cornwall had some lovely photos of some lovely areas, definitely showcasing Cornwall at it's best!
  • Rosie aka Life's a Cup of Tea's Travel: Blue Lagoon, Iceland, cements my wish to visit there sometime soon! Funnily enough Harps and I were considering it as our next destination just the other day!
  • Louise aka Whiskey & Pancakes's #Camptober makes me want to wrap up warm and camp out with a huge fire. Any takers? 

Love Sophie Xx