Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Wednesday Words #4

Painting by Fiona Phillips Click image for source.

Isn't this portrait beautiful? I found it on Pinterest and knew I had to share it with you all! It brings my Wednesday Words to a rather obvious reveal; 'Raining cats and dogs.' Pretty apt if you're in the UK this week. What a weird phrase, if a collie fell on my head from the sky I'd be pretty panicked! A persian would rip your face off, I wouldn't mind a spaniel though- Michelle would agree. It was thanks to a lovely lady who I discovered actually reads my blog and sent me a lovely link to an article she saw and thought of me that I came across this. 

"So where does it come from?" I hear ye cry?

Well, so it says; a long ol time ago, houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood underneath. It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the cats and other small animals (mice, bugs) lived in the roof. When it rained it became slippery and sometimes the animals would slip and fall off the roof... Hence the saying "It's raining cats and dogs."

And now we know. Watch out for those animals hiding in your roof, and if they are, be a dear and pop some floor grips down to avoid any nasty accidents.

Love Sophie Xx