Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thankful Thursday: Opportunities

Is it just me or is it fecking freezing suddenly? I spent my day off primarily wrapped in a giant wooly scarf- yet the sun did shine, right before I was drenched in downpour, and had to grab the chance to take this rather chinny and blurry selfie. (Is it bad that I cringe when I use the word selfie? Is self portrait still acceptable?) Autumn is officially here and this Thursday I'm sure that the bags under my eyes are looking even more prominent than they do in the photo above, taken two days earlier. Hey ho, I'm extra busy this week- and even more so next week, so if I disappear I haven't been kidnapped by gremlins, I'm just hiding under a blanket, willing the week to finish! You may already know the reasons behind this; firstly, please take a quick minute to look at my post which will unveil to you all my busy preparation for the final charity event of the year- the opportunity of this, PLUS the fact that between you and me, I'm applying for a promotion next week and really want to get it, means that it's busy town in Sophie Land.

This is what I'm thankful for this week, the chance to involve myself in my community and my work and hopefully make some sort of difference? Why be one of those people that whinges about where they live? How improvements could be made etc...Go for it the Sophie way, pull your finger out, get involved and make some changes!

I'm also incredibly thankful to all of you who have shown me such inspiring belief and support. Everywhere I turn, one of you is offering your help, sharing my surveys and events, even just a little pat on the back really does go such a long way. So thank you to all of you for continuing to encourage me, help me and generally keep me sane. What better things to be thankful for?

Lisette, you inspired my thankful Thursday posts and they keep me focused on the good in life, thank you for that. Leona, you are one of the best friends a shark could ask for (even if we have had to grow up on social media!)

Love Sophie Xx