Sunday, 12 October 2014

Please Help Me Blogger Friends!

Good afternoon Sunday resters! How are you all doing? You may have seen me moaning over several social media platforms about my illness. Basically  I started feeling sick on Thursday afternoon, came home and slept, woke up with a terrible stomach pain. When I woke up on Friday morning I could barely walk, it was so crippling. I went to the doctor with my mum (and Bimble) where after a very uncomfortable situation involving a small pot of my urine and the doctor uttering the 'P' word...she did a test. Whilst I sat there freaking out, thinking that it would actually be the worst possible way to find out if I was 'P'...She measured my heart rate. "It's rather high."....."Yeah I'm not surprised when your standing there with a stick in my pee telling me you're checking for 'P'."...Anyway, it turns out that I have a severe kidney infection or possibly kidney stones and have been hobbling around since in an extraordinary amount of pain. *insert sympathy here please people*.

Which means that I'm a little behind on my interview preparations; and am now spending my day hobbling around and getting ready! 

If you want to make me feel muchos better, there is something that you all can do. Please complete my survey which will help me towards my interview preparation and generally make me very happy. If you could share it that'd be even more amazing.

Tell me what you're up to this Sunday and cheer me up (saying that, Space Jam just came on so I'm pretty fucking happy right now!)

Love Sophie Xx