Thursday, 2 October 2014

Thankful Thursday

I am so goddamn busy this week! I feel like I haven't caught up with any of you properly in ages! I miss you all! How is everyone this week? I have its of exciting things to share and have set aside a large mug suitable for copious amounts of tea and this Sunday afternoon for a good ol catch up and tell you all about my exciting plans! 

1) Darker Mornings- They're not at the stage where they'e too dark yet and I feel like I'm walking to work in the middle of the night, however I am really loving not waking up at 5am anymore because the sun is peeking through my curtains.

2) A Hair Cut- Usually I am the worst when it comes to my hair. It's been about eight years since I've been to a hairdresser, I'd just rather cut it myself then really bother *hairdressers gasping as they read* going somewhere. Besides it's not like I have a 'hairstyle'. Anyway, it really needed a good trim and I finally took the scissors to it. I always cut it too short and yes I have this time too but I feel much better for it and it's nice having lovely soft ends, like spaniel ears :-).

3) Being Humbled.- I was incredibly fortunate to present a cheque to a charity that I did some fundraising for earlier this year. CHICKS has been mentioned in my blog before (I dressed up as a giant bear and bucket collected) and finally having the piviliage to visit them and meet some truly wonderful children that were there, I immediately wanted to stay forever and 'create memories; with the team. Such wonderful children, normal to you and me, brought together by a selection of life altering circumstances is incredibly moving and I can't wait to support them more i the future. In fact we have some very special festive plans so keep your eyes peeled! 

4) Batman- Watching him sprawl across the carpet, watching the tv makes me laugh every day. 

Thank you Lisette, you inspire me to be more thankful for the happiness in my life, what a wonderful quality. Liona, you inspire me to be more sarcastic, funnier and sassier. I adore you. What's been making you all thankful this week? 

Love Sophie Xx