Sunday, 26 October 2014

Where Have You Been?

Good Sunday to you all! Have you missed me? It's been over two weeks since we've had a catch-up, far longer than I intended. Strangely it seems as though a few of you have also dropped off radar and my reasons are no different. I thought I'd share my two weeks in a series of selfies; starting with being incredibly ill and in pain, to travelling to Exeter for a course practically in the middle of the night. Slowly emerging out the other side of my hiatus and looking much healthier (and enjoying copious amounts of tea again) and finishing with some Batman cuddles this morning. I am back and ready to catch up! How have you all been? What have I been missing? Catch up with your recent links in the comments!! 

When we last saw each other, I was fragile from my kidney pains, going a little crazy with nerves and self doubt about my interview, and generally pretty stressed. I'm much better now (thank god!) and my interview went pretty well. It's been over three years since I last had an interview, and by jebus it was the hardest of my life, but I couldn't have done much more (a kidney infection hindered my preparation) and left feeling pretty good. Only time will tell. Thanks to all of you that did my little survey and to those who wished me luck. The rest of the week was a swirl of late nights and early mornings, all of which passed in a blur (and therefore had very little photos!) I intended to come back last Sunday but it was the first day off that I could spend with Harps in a while and got far too distracted making doughnuts to post (the post is coming though- it's delicious!) and the rest of the week passed in a flurry of baking and eating and catching up, that has been both lovely and tiring. 

That pretty much brings us up to speed. 
This week I am back and ready to natter, with it being exactly one week away from the anniversary of Harps and I getting engaged, I am full of love and reminiscence. Keep an eye out for that post too!

Love Sophie Xx

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better and I am pleased your interview went well :)

    Bethan Likes

    1. Thanks so much lovely! How are you and how has your weekend been? Finger crossed for the interview ey? xx

  2. It's amazing what a lack of sleep and stress can do, isn't it?! It's awful! So glad to hear that Sophie's BACK and that things are going better for you :) Baking and eating...there is no greater remedy! (Perhaps insert tea and puppies! haha)
    ~ Samantha

  3. Welcome back!!! I'm so gld you're feeling better and that your interview went well! I had everything crossed for you! xxx

  4. So glad you are feeling much better now! You were missed! I had a little break from blogging myself last week as I was feeling a little bit meh, it's amazing what some rest can do though! Have a lovely week! xxx

  5. Yay, glad you're feeling so much better and congratulations on the engagement anniversary! :-) xx


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