Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I Lived in a Haunted House...

People used to say I looked like Wednesday, maybe that should be my
Halloween costume this year...
October is here and we're getting into the midst of Autumn. The days are getting shorter, Halloween marking the end of this month, I thought I'd kick off the month with a post about a house that I used to live in. For the people who don't believe in the supernatural, I could have agreed with you once upon a time, but if you can come up with a more logical explanation as to the happenings that I can pinky promise happened, I'd love to hear it.

It was the first house that we lived in when we moved to Cornwall, in a quaint village that I would actually quite like to move back to, we rented a new build house. Built on what used to be allotments (or so I've been told) there wasn't any signs of anything unusual at first. At the age of 12, I was in the midst of puberty (something they say can entice strange activities.) I'm not sure if that's true, but maybe helps to explain the changes that gradually got worse.

It started with things just not being in the right place, things that would always be in the same place like; toothbrushes, glasses etc....The first time I knew something was wrong was one early morning. 

I remember it crystal clear, it was Sunday morning and I'd told Grandpa that I'd go to the butchers as soon as it opened to get him some meat for his roast later that day. He was going to pick me up early and then my parents would follow later. So I got up extra early (for a Sunday), went downstairs and tried to stay really really quiet because my parents were asleep, their one day for a lie-in. About 10 minutes later I went back upstairs (in silence) to get dressed. As I walked into my bedroom and looked at my bed, the type with a bunk bed on top and a sofa bed underneath- everything was on the floor. Both duvets (top and bottom bunk), all pillows/books etc on the bottom bunk, even both of the mattresses. I didn't know how to explain it. It's only been 10 minutes since I'd woken up and I'd been extra quiet whilst walking around, even if my parents had tried to prank me, it wasn't possible to move all of that so quietly, not even to creak the floorboards. 

The second experience wasn't long after. My mum had received what can only be described as a 'snow bunny' jacket. White suede and fluffy on the inside, I was super jealous. I really thought it was amazing and had been begging her to let me wear it (I didn't care that it was way to big and I looked more like abdominal snowman)...She relented and relented until she gave in- she'd known I'd get this pristine jacket mucky somehow. I was going out with friends that weekend and she agreed I could wear it then. Covered by other jackets and coats, the week passed and eventually Friday night came. As I went to fetch my fancy borrowed jacket for the weekend, I froze in shock. Across the entire back of the garment, black ink was scrawled and stabbed at it. Actual stab marks with a pen. Of course nobody could explain it, of course none of us would do that. But it happened. And I didn't get to wear the jacket. 

The third, I was home alone. My parents had gone to the local pub on a Friday night and I was watching tv until late. I decided to go upstairs to bed when all of a sudden felt 'different'. Like someone was watching me. The curtains were closed, it was very dark out (I seem to think it was winter at this point) Turning the living room light off and replacing it with the stairs one, I started to ascend. All of a sudden, what can only be described as 'a force' pushed me to the side of the stairs, grabbing the bannister for support, looking up, all I could see was a silhouetted figure against the wall, dance around the corner, and disappear. Now I can absolutely assure you 150% that it wasn't my shadow, nor was it a gust of wind, come on guys, I know a gust of wind when I feel/ hear one. I cried until my parents came home.

So what do you think believers and cynics? Have any of you had any haunting experiences? Do you have any disproving stories to share? I'd love to get a little collection together to post on Halloween!

And just so I'm not completely going off track from Wednesday Words #3...One which doesn't really need an explanation..."White as a sheet"....My sheets are currently yellow thank you very much Mr Idioms...

Love Sophie Xx