Sunday, 2 November 2014

On The First Anniversary of Being Engaged.

And six years of being together....

Look how adorable you are in what I believe was the first photograph taken of us being together! On a beach, having a bbq- looking miniature in our oversized clothes. No wonder you were still getting id'd for 15 films! 

Our first Christmas included elf ears and beer. Summer 2009 we played with a large torch on the moors and we I rocked Halloween dressed as Mario. Poor zombie attempt.

We spent some time growing up in 2010 and hit my 18th birthday early 2011 (you had some hilarious hair here-I've actually spent 10 minutes laughing at it.)
And as you held my hand through 2011, we moved in alone. No more housemate to blame for the mess. You learnt that I'm a hypocrite when it comes to changing the toilet roll, I learnt that you are the messiest cook in the world. 
2012 we went to Amsterdam, and spent an afternoon playing table football in an empty coffee shop. I impressed you with my skills. You went on a plane for the first time and my feet almost fell off from only bringing new shoes!

When we got back, we still had a super fun year! We went to Blink 182 and you were sick on a stranger's back! We helped your cousin learn to rollerblade and you fell over the minute my back was turned. 2013 rolled in to the birthday 'surprise' of Batman. (Check out the only photo of me holding him!) Literally won the best birthday gift ever competition for life!
November 2013 came and we gallivanted off to Rome to celebrate 5 years of being together. We ate some amazing food, stuck our  your arm in the colosseum...
Saw some of the most amazing artwork and architecture in the world.
And then this. This moment summed up in my life in this photograph. Even down to the last second as we stood in front of the Trevi Fountain (Who'd ever know that from this photo?! haha!) and you made me the happiest Sophie alive (how cliche!) Our five year anniversary was the most magical day of my life. Thank you. 
And then 2014 rolled in, everything changed, yet everything the same- but better. Batman had his first Christmas and we both dressed up as a giant bear for charity. We've spent time with friends and time at the beach. The last six years couldn't have been happier. 

 I am just as (if not heaps more) totally, utterly and unconditionally as smitten with you as I was six years ago. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than somewhere with you. 
Happy Anniversary.