Monday, 24 November 2014

The Two Questions That Will Determine If We Will Be Friends.

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There are two questions for when you meet someone new that in my opinion, can tell you enough about them to make an instant judgement. I shared these questions with Leona and Liam over lunch the other week and we agreed that they're at the very least a good conversation starter! I honestly use both of these questions when I meet someone new and hey I don't get a bad response! 

1) What is the best type of biscuit in the world?

Now, my answer (after MUCH deliberation) is of course a jam cream. Some people get confused with a jammy dodger here but I assure you that is not the same thing. Jam creams are usually found in the Christmas selection box (not nearly enough of them!) but literally EVERY UK supermarket agrees with me that they are amazing and now stock them! I'm not a dictator, there are plenty of appropriate answers! For example; bourbon is a very close second and a delicious choice. A true, honest person would choose a bourbon. Etc etc, Someone who chooses a 'NICE' biscuit is probably pretty close to the bottom of my biscuit list- there's just so many better biscuits!  

There is one answer that is under no circumstances allowed- and this my friends, is where you can learn about someone the most.

Jaffa Cake.

Leona: "Anyone who answers with jaffa cake is a c***t."

2) If you were (hypothetically of course) to throw an animal over a rugby (American football) post, what is the largest animal you could throw?

As we all know I'm not exactly 'sporty'. This is what I think of when I hear rugby posts...

The answer here is important. Once you've got past the whole "Well I'd never throw an animal like a ball!" part. Let's just make is clear people- NOBODY WOULD DO THAT IN REAL LIFE! People's answers can be quite interesting. Mine is currently a small goat. I'm feeling a little feeble from the weather but sometime in the summer I was feeling confident about a large monkey. The question is really two-fold. A) The size/weight of the animal compared to distance/height to throw. B) The ability to actually throw the animal (the goat- use the horns *underarm swing*) etc. People that wuss out and say " Oh I could't throw dust from a moth." Get out. 

So what do you think? Good conversation starters hey? Maybe not in an interview...Or an animal charity event....Or in a jaffa cake factory..But great over lunch!

Love Sophie Xx