Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thursday has snuck up on me like a little sneaky badger, which means that this time tomorrow my little holiday will be over *you may all cry along with me for the rest of this.* I've had such a relaxing few days that I really don't know where to begin with all the happiness. *you may also vomit a little in your mouth* I bang on about it all the time but it really is rare that Harps and I have proper time off together and then suddenly when you do, you realise; 

"Oh yeah I actually really do like this non-porridge-bowl-rinsing-bafoon!" 

Basically, I'm one big, pile'o mush. To the extent that I knew this post was going to be so mushy that I felt I had to add the photo of me being 'ard' and getting my new tattoo just to toughen it all up a bit. (Excuse my man's nips there!)

1) Time to relax- I can never sleep in anymore. You know when you get to that *shudders* age when if you sleep any later than 9am it's a disaster? You've wasted some of the day? Well despite my body clock waking me up early every day, I made a stand and stayed in bed with tea until 11am one day this week! How great is that!? 

2) Time with my man- Because he's actually still pretty funny after six years and under that HORRIBLE moustache is a pretty good looking guy. *sidenote- Harps isn't partaking in Movember this year, he plays a game with himself every winter to grow as big a beard as he can and this year he's going for gold. 

3) Travelling tattoos- You may know that Harps and I have started our series of 'travelling tattoos' for when we visit new countries. As our anniversary gift to each other, we finally got round to getting our 'Rome' tattoos from last year. It hurt far more than any of my others but I'm really happy- I'll show you soon!

4) Central heating- We've broken. It's time for the heating to go on. There is no sodding way I was going to 'relax' at home without it. I love sitting and watching the rain outside when you're all snuggly and warm.

5) Feeling ready- Ready for winter and ready to crack on.

What are you all thankful for this week? I've been absent for a little while with these posts, but I've been constantly catching up with the inspiring Lisette's posts. Go have a look, shmook! 

Love Sophie Xx