Sunday, 30 November 2014

I Need Help Choosing A New Phone...

Actual, genuine image of me on the phone. Via Pinterest

Confession time:

That's not me but it's a pretty good representation of how I suck at technology, I suck at Twitter, and I certainly suck at choosing new phones. I'd be the person who'd quite happily have a Nokia 3210 still if it wasn't for my constant need to browse Pinterest over lunch, take photos for blogging/life (I rarely carry a camera purely because I can't bare the thought of having to buy a new one and decide on what I need!) and catch up on the news because you never know when something crazy might happen!

Alas, my current phone- Samsung S3 mini (not the best I've had but I do like the simplicity of Samsung!) is on it's last legs already, is it just me or do phones never last these days? *sighs*. I popped into the local phone shop yesterday and was blinded by the billboard sized phones that are on sale these days- hey guys, I thought technology was getting smaller? Anyway, I know that I want a decent camera, my current one has a lot to be desired, I also figure that I can get over the size thing, but definitely don't want an iPhone. Other than that, I'm pretty easily pleased.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate the help?
Love Sophie Xx