Sunday, 30 November 2014

I Need Help Choosing A New Phone...

Actual, genuine image of me on the phone. Via Pinterest

Confession time:

That's not me but it's a pretty good representation of how I suck at technology, I suck at Twitter, and I certainly suck at choosing new phones. I'd be the person who'd quite happily have a Nokia 3210 still if it wasn't for my constant need to browse Pinterest over lunch, take photos for blogging/life (I rarely carry a camera purely because I can't bare the thought of having to buy a new one and decide on what I need!) and catch up on the news because you never know when something crazy might happen!

Alas, my current phone- Samsung S3 mini (not the best I've had but I do like the simplicity of Samsung!) is on it's last legs already, is it just me or do phones never last these days? *sighs*. I popped into the local phone shop yesterday and was blinded by the billboard sized phones that are on sale these days- hey guys, I thought technology was getting smaller? Anyway, I know that I want a decent camera, my current one has a lot to be desired, I also figure that I can get over the size thing, but definitely don't want an iPhone. Other than that, I'm pretty easily pleased.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate the help?
Love Sophie Xx


  1. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy 3G and ADORE this thing. I'm not a huge tech-dudette but I can handle this one! It's so helpful to have a smartphone as a blogger (updates, twitter, instagram, etc.) and the Samsung is really great about battery life. I hear iPhones are dreadful with drainage! Also, may I just point out that all of the photos on my blog come from my Galaxy? YEP every single one of them? And personally I don't think they're all that bad....
    ~ Samantha

  2. Did you choose a new phone yet? I'd personally recommend a HTC.
    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Fame (only due to the carphone warehouse free gift I got with it though) and although it does alright, I would go back to my HTC in a heart beat.
    My HTC Desire S lasted me 3 years and I only had to buy it a new battery at the beginning of this year. I abused it by watching YouTube, listening to Spotify and using it to blog and apply for jobs during the first few months of us moving to Brighton in 2011. The camera on it was really good too - 5MP was really good at the time, but saying that my Samsung is 5MP too!
    I really wanted the HTC One M8 this time because of the camera and because it had such good reviews on TechRadar, but the free gift was too good so I went with the Samsung in the end (even though I'm kicking myself about it a bit...).
    Anyway, I would suggest reading some reviews and make sure you go with a phone provider who will give you what you want, coverage and usage wise. If the camera is the main part you want the phone for then there are lots of comparison articles out there on the interwebs;
    ^ Websites I always refer to for techie info.
    Also, when you go in to a phone shop to buy, it's good to go in armed and prepared. I managed to get a recurring monthly discount when I got my HTC, purely because I knew what I wanted and I knew I could go elsewhere if they were unable to provide it for me.
    Anyway, feel free to drop me an email or send me a tweet if you want to chat about anything!
    I hope you find one you like soon, if you haven't done so already! xo


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