Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Wednesday Words #5

Good morning everyone, normal service is resuming round these parts and I've got an interesting Wednesday Words for you lined up. Before that, how are you all? I've been off for a few days now and am certainly feeling better from it. It's my first time off since the beginning of August and that feels forever away! I've also been having a catch up reading all of your lovely posts- keep an eye out for a little gush over you all later this week! 

'A little bit of what you fancy does you good.' I intended to share this phrase because I say it all the time! Especially over the last few days when I've been gorging on lots of delicious treats. Infact, I say it at least once a day, to people at work when they're dieting but eyeing up the biscuits, to Harps when I give him extra big portions of dinner. Anyway, it wasn't until I decided to post about this when I found out that it actually has a rather different meaning...

'A little bit of what you fancy' was the title of a song performed by risqué Victorian singer, Marie Lloyd. Winking at the audience familiarly when singing the chorus;

"I always hold in having it if you fancy it

If you fancy it that’s understood

And suppose it makes you fat? I don’t worry over that

‘Cos a little of what you fancy does you good."

The sexual innuendo of the song has long been forgotten; so much so that when I'm evaluating my food choices, I'm actually inenvertandly talking about wanting a little sex! 

And now we know!
Love Sophie Xx

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