Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hitting the very almost middle of November just seems insane. There I've said it. Every shop I walk into means I'm bound to be singing festive songs for the rest of the day and winter warmers arriving in Costa and Starbucks have only heightened my adoration for hot chocolate. There are only SIX more Thursdays until 2015! With that in mind, here are six things I'm thankful for this week...

1) Animal antics- By this, of course I mean spending time with Liona and Rexamus. I ventured to Plymouth on Sunday to catch up with this pair, and after scoffing a yummy lunch with Liona and Liam, we wandered around Plymouth town centre, stopping to get more sugary delights. After our food had gone down, we took Rex for a walk around near the Hoe and I returned home. A great way to spend a few hours on a cold day! 

2) Friends doing so well- Isn't it just a really great feeling when good news comes to your friends? My best friend, Stacie, has just landed herself a job as the new marketing manager for lingerie company Mish. Sounds amazing doesn't it?

3) Hot water bottles- Because I'd forgotten how bleddy lovely it is snuggling with one tucked up your jumper.

4) Crunchy leaves- Make my walk to work so much more entertaining. And not many things can do that for me early in the mornings.

5) Sitting around the table with my family- There are some things that are priceless all year round. Though we're not your typical family, it's what I've got and they do make me smile rather a lot. (Poet laureate right here!)

6) A secret invitation- I have been cordially invited to a very exciting location! I really can't wait to show you in a couple of weeks! Eeeekk! 

Thank you Lisette for inspiring me to keep such a lovely record of the things that so easily could be forgotten.

Love Sophie Xx


  1. TELL US THE SECRET LOCATION. Or not, whatever.
    Sounds like a stonking little list ma'am.
    M x

  2. I also love sitting around and having dinner with family. Even though there's only myself and my husband we always eat at the table, but I love having Sunday dinner with my Dad and brother at their house - it's always a laugh!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP


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