Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tonaaay The Magical Dressage Ponaaay

One day late last year, I came home to discover that my brother, who works as a chef in a lovely local restaurant, had invited me to join his group on Facebook. 

It was called "Tonaaay's Dressage"  

The only information on the page said the following: "Come follow Tonaaay is he horses around on his magical dressage journaaaay!"

The only picture was this: (that's my brother in the background and yes that is spiderman...)

I honestly have been wanting to tell the entire world about the journaayys that followed but just couldn't work out quite what to say. I'm still not sure exactly 'what' is going on in my brother's head in his spare time at work but here it is...and I love it!

So lettuce begin...
Sundaaaayy morning Tonaaay.

Nice pear Tonaaay...

Cheer up Tonaaay, why so blue today?
Tonaaay's ready to go out and impress the ladies tonight...

Tonaaay's late for everything. He's always playing ketchup.
Tonaaay's always letting medical problems get waaaay out of hand!
See a doctor Tonaaay!
Tonaaay doing a little research on a dish close to his heart...Always on a roll there Tonaaay!

Tonaaay needs to lose a few pounds. Bit of a lard ass there Tonaaay!

Tonaaay took scrubbing up a little too seriously..
Tonaaay got into the Halloween spirit but needed help staying upright after a few...

Tonaaay showing off what a fungi he can be...

And then....disaster struck... Tonaaay was taken hostage for weeks...many thought he wouldn't return, there was even talk of his cousin Anthonaaay coming over from Gallopoli to help the search...We received this devastating hostage photo...

We mourned....

Had Tonaaay had his hay day?

As Christmas approached, all we really wished for on our festive lists to Santa was for Tonaaay to be returned safely...and then, a Christmas miracle if I've ever witnessed one...

Tonaaay feeling festive with braaandy sauce...

Since then....nothing. Tonaaay didn't see in the new year with us. We haven't heard I write to you now to ask you all.... Have you seen Tonaaay whilst he gallops around on his magical dressage  journaaay?

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I hope against all hopes that I do get to see Tonaaay on his travels, he poops brandy butter for the love of Mary Poppins!!
    Spiderman better not be around though, he looks like he's about to do something pretty hardcore to poor old Tonaaay, not cool Spidey.
    Fucking love this. Can I join your tribe? I do weird things with fruit.
    M x

  2. I lol'd. That's amazing! That's what the internet was made for :D

    ~ K

  3. Hehe - this is awesome!
    So sad that Tonaaay didn't see in the new year :'(
    xo Amy | I Am Adorkable

  4. This. Is. Brilliant. Like Michelle said, effing brilliant (although I must admit, it took me to the pear picture to get the gist of what was going on #doh). Love Tonaaay the tomato and the Christmas pid (even if it does look a bit like he's had a small accident...) :-) xx

  5. Hahahaha! I love how completely random this is. I've found the best jobs and work mates tend to inspire some crazy stuff. Tonaaay and your brother are ace :)


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