Monday, 19 January 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #8 Honeymoon Choosing.

You can see all sources via my Pinterest page here.

You'd think it'd be easy working out the one place you'd love to visit for your honeymoon? Well it really isn't as easy as it seems; over the last few weeks, winter has been vicious and it's taken me to Pinterest, longing for warm climates and paradise settings for our fanciest of all the fancy holidays. Your honeymoon is supposed to be the best trip ever isn't it? What with so many places I'm dying to visit, the choices are endless. So far Harps and I have agreed on three things: 1) It needs to be hot enough to tan- because that's part of the romance/loveliness of honeymoons. 2) It needs to have adventure- we're not the sort of people to lie on a beach for 2 weeks, we'd get too bored! We need things to learn about and sights to see and activities to look back on for years to come. 3) It needs to be beautiful- It's my damn honeymoon, it has to be fabulous looking right?

1) Portofino, Italy- I'd quite love to do a little tour around Italy, visiting Portofino, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii etc- Harps thinks we should be going further away-longer haul and a new continent.

2) Tulum, Mexico- Doesn't this pool look amazing? The pros of Mexico include amazing food and lots to do?

3) Finland- I will not go on a snowy honeymoon. I'm always pretty cold and it's just not my idea of honeymoon paradise. Harps loves this though.

4) Maldives- Pretty cliche but who can't be amazed by that glowing beach! How magical! 

5) Machu Picchu- A real adventure and something I'd love to do one day. I'm just not sure if I want to have to do training before my honeymoon? Maybe a little too much adventure?

6) Chile-  These marble caves look breathtaking- I HAVE to see them one day. Not so keen on the coldness of Chile though!

7) Costa Rica- This tree house resort looks AWESOME! There are monkeys and sloths and other animal friends right outside your door. It looks luxurious and original and beautiful and I'm seriously considering this as a location!

8) Bali- Bali seems to me to have the best of both worlds. Total paradise right? Also so much history and culture to soak up makes it a pretty perfect choice. The price tag makes me nervous...

9) Dominican Republic- Not somewhere I've looked into as much, though looking through some pinterestesque photos make it a bit of an dark horse?

Have any of you been to any of the places above? Do you have any tips from your honeymoons? As always, any and all feedback/help would be appreciated! 

Love Sophie Xx