Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Name is Sophie and I'm a Twitterphobic.

You may or may not have noticed that last Sunday I participated in the #lbloggers chat on Twitter. For me this was a pretty big deal. Though I had the fastest hour of my online life, I had a brilliant time and look forward to getting to know some of the lovely people I got to talk to. (Which wouldn't happen if I didn't man up and get used to using Twitter. )

You may have caught onto the fact that I'm petrified of using Twitter. I just don't understand it and feel like I've let that train get to the other side of the country before I've even got to the platform! When I rarely venture into the realms of that little blue bird I just feel overwhelmed by how much there is! Honestly, it boggles me! It started when I signed up to Twitter in 2012, late but not too late into the game- I was drunk and some friends created me an account "Everyone does it now Sophie" they said. The next morning, opening my laptop in a hungover, sensitive state my screen read the following. "Barack Obama is now following you." I got scared, logged off and stayed away for about a year, however long it took for Leona to keep mentioning that I should start using it...

Being used to 'catching up' on the day over on Facebook (before that I was a Myspace queen) and that's just not possible/what Twitter is about. Anyway, this year I told myself I was going to be braver, it's pretty much the hub for me to catch up with blogger friends and I want to spend more time talking to you all. So I created Twitter lists which I'm not that sure if is going to help me because when I started categorising people after the first hundred or so Twitter stopped me in my tracks (I still don't know why!) 

Also I still don't understand hashtags? To me they still mean number. Do they go mid-sentance/ end of tweet or just none at all? How many hashtags is too many? Is it ok that I make hashtags that nobody, anywhere, ever will look up? Is it acceptable to use the hashtag FriendsWithBenefits on a photo of Batman and a stuffed elephant? Will my employers fire me because of my improper use of hashtags? *If I haven't stressed you out about Twitter you're a warrior.*

When did emoticons become emojis? Is there a difference? Why does the poop emoji have eyes? And eyebrows? 

Do you make introductions on Twitter or just talk on anything and everything? Is that tweet-hyjacking? When people/companies follow me should I follow back (even if I don't care about them?)

And whilst we're on it, is there a way for me to make sure I don't miss out on what you lovely people are up to? Are lists the best way? 

PLEASE HELP ME and if you're brave enough follow me on Twitter @SophieHasNoName

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I am definitely behind on the Twitter deal...I have one, I use it, but the ins and outs? Clueless. How exciting that Barack Obama is following you, though! I've had a few notifications every now and then that have brought a smile to my face but I in no way know all the rules of the Twittersphere (don't post bad things...that's about it haha). As for hashtag rules...goodness. Do such things even exist??
    ~ Samantha

  2. I like Twitter but I'm definitely no expert - I tend to make it up as I go along.

    I called emojis emoticons the other day and felt 104 years old!


  3. I do like taking part in the lbloggers chat (although I never seem to have the time) but you're right, it goes so fast! I go through phases of thinking 'yep, really need to get into Twitter more' and then don't tweet anything for days on end. Ah well, I think the best thing to do is just use Twitter however you want, I don't bother much with hashtags or emojis, only the occasional old school smiley face! :-) xx

  4. Hi, I've nominated you for the Leibster award, If you want to know what it's about check out my most recent post x


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