Monday, 12 January 2015

Last Week I Was A Chameleon...

I've been known to have red hair for a rather long time now. Customers that so delightfully forget my name refer to me as 'the young one with red hair'. Quite the compliment I'm sure you'll agree. For about a year now I've been bored with my red hair; once the girl kept in isolation for mad hair colours at school and the envy of my friends that it didn't fall out through reckless dying.  It was time for a change. I'd settled on red when I got my 'proper grown up' job and still couldn't quite let go of my 'alternative style' but over time it becomes a pain to maintain, preparing for my wedding (NEXT YEAR GUYS!) means I suddenly care about it being healthy and having the choice to not have it red has suddenly become important. 

My hair is the kind to stay red- full of red pigment, I knew it would be a task. My beloved Boots advantage points I'd saved for years were put to good use and throughout the last week I've slowly succeeded in finally ridding the majority of the red from my hair (quite the feat after years of over-dying!) 

1) Strip the artificial colour from the hair. I did this knowing that the colour below had been peroxide blonde- yes it meant that my hair always held the red well but I knew this would be the cause of my stress over the rest of the week. Sure enough, it became a browny/orange/red colour.

2) For the next two days, I washed my hair with an ash toner to help minimise the orange tone.

3) Pre-lightener. I would advise most people to leave a little more time between stripping the colour and bleaching the shit out of it, but as noted above, I'm pretty impatient with my hair and once I get started, it all changes pretty fast. Note to self- wait until you don't have work the next day because you're hair will actually glow in the dark after this. As you can see above, it went pretty pretty pretty orange. But at least it was all one colour for once. 

4) Three more days of toner shampoo (make sure it's purple/blue based for cooler tones).

5) Ice Brown dye, has turned out to be a little darker than I'd imagined it would, but hey this is last night. I know from previous brown hair experience that it'll fade a little after a couple of washes and I'll be left with the cooler, brown hair that I've been longing for. I'll give it a little trim after a few washes and then it's growing time!

So what do you think? Of course I may decide that I do want my red hair back for our wedding (I still haven't quite let go of alternative emo Sophie) but most of all, I want that option! 

Love Sophie Xx