Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Birthday Wishlist.

With one week to go until I turn 23 I thought I'd compile a little wishlist if anyone out there would care to purchase me a little gift!? *tumbleweed rolls past* Anyway, with next year being the YEAR OF OUR WEDDING I can't help but pop on my practical hat and wish for a few items suitable for our wedding that we can get in advance. Mostly, it's just things I'd really like though!

1) Glass drink dispenser- I actually want four or five of these for our wedding and the cheapest I can find them is around £20 each so if someone could buy me a couple as birthday gifts that's be great!

2) Paper honeycomb tissue balls- Once again for the wedding- in all colours and in mass please!

3) This jumper! I can't find it anywhere! Boo!

4) Grow your own blueberry jam kit- I've wanted a blueberry plant for a little while and saw this brilliant starter kit with two plants and some jars to make some delicious jam!

5) Shore Projects Watch- Ok, something I'd really like for myself is a good quality watch, I've been swooning over these for months.

6) Chopping board- Also a bit of a weird, adult gift but I've wanted a decent chopping board for a while and came across this rather comical chopper board.

7) Apple and Elderflower large candle pot- St Eval candle company- We were treated to the foggy pudding candle when we got engaged and it lasted until about a month ago which is damn good going in my books! They smell beautiful and the pots that they come in are perfect for little plants afterwards!

8) A Glass teapot- Whittard- This was on my Christmas list, alas it was not to be. Damn it GET ME THE TEAPOT!

9) Wicker picnic hampers x11- Anywhere but I found these as an example on Also for the wedding, though I'm not sure what I'd do after the wedding with 11 picnic hampers? Host giant picnics in the summer? Maybe actually...

I intend to be better with sending cards and being thoughtful this year with my friends birthdays. Pop yours down in the comments so I can add you to my diary!

Love Sophie Xx

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