Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Books To Read 2015 & The Exotic Teapot.

The time has finally come. My prayers have finally been answered. *I'm saying this in my gospel-esque voice by the way* For my birthday I received a glass teapot and teacup with saucer for one AND. IT. IS. PERFECT.  My brother and sister in law treated me to this beautiful tea set made by The Exotic Teapot . Not only does it come packaged in the most loveliest of boxes, it also came with five different flowering teas to try. Seriously, their website will have you adding literally everything to your basket.

Though a week after my birthday, this has been the first chance I've had to sit down with all of my new books (all purchased/gifted within the last week) and have a little catch up.  How are you all? I have been busy at work, feeling more driven but alongside that, more stressed. There's a lot of change happening at the moment and as someone who usually ties herself to the floor when the winds of change arrive, I usually struggle. This week I plan on creating a little me time, getting into a newer routine before it all gets changed again in a couple of months. Enjoying the moment.

This is how I found myself sitting with the most delicious green tea with vanilla and berries, deliberating which book to start next.

Have any of you read any of the above? Or just as interestingly, have any of you got these on your 'to read' list? 

Love Sophie Xx