Sunday, 18 January 2015

Shore Projects. Finding The Perfect Watch.

For months I've been searching for the perfect watch. It all started at my interview a few months back, it turns out that when you've been told you can/should talk for 15 minutes, time goes really slowly. And when the sneaky interviewers hide all the clocks in the room, it's hard to know that you actually only spoke for eight minutes because you were too nervous of babbling..(sort of like what's happening right now)...

Anywhooty, this new found, adult realisation, that I actually should wear a watch everyday sparked a mass watch hunt; days of endless pursuing for 'the perfect watch for me' entailed, Pinterest boards created and bargain hunting consumed me. The problem that I have is that I used to work for a well known jewellery retailer and therefore have become a bit of a jewellery/watch snob. I priced my options way out of my budget and kept telling myself I'd find the one

Eventually I came across Shore Projects and immediately fell in love with their well crafted, high quality and simple designed timepieces. As someone who likes their jewellery relatively simple, I didn't want anything that I'd loose interest of relatively quickly. An investment piece if you will. With the interchangeable straps I can always adapt the smart, simple, androgynous face with my outfit. The one I ordered came with a lovely light blue strap that I've since changed to a black Italian leather one that I really must say is the softest, highest quality strap I've ever owned. 

As well as being a British company, the strong, durable quality of these watches is shown throughout. The crystal sapphire glass, luxurious straps and being waterproofed up to 100m meant that immediately I knew what I wanted for my birthday. Funny how that happens hey? The cementing fact was that for every watch sold, Shore Projects donates £1 to Marine Conservation Society to help protect our beloved seas and coastlines, the beaches and the animals that surround them.

The delivery was amazing, it arrived the very next day after ordering, at no extra charge and I'm so very happy with it and I'll never under-talk at an interview again!

*By the way, I have no affiliation with Shore Projects, I just really like their watches!

Love Sophie Xx

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