Monday, 3 February 2014

Artists and Photographers I'm Currently Loving..Philip Trengove, ATP Illustration, Charles Jeffrey, Tracey Warbey & Jennifer Davis.

Good day strangers on the web! This is a post that I've wanted to write for a couple of weeks; however as I keep mentioning...I still really struggle to organise myself. Something I wasn't first in the line for at the genes store apparently....Some of these people I know personally, some I actually have little projects in the pipeline with. Some are just inspirations that I've stumbled upon. There isn't much of a theme; but maybe that's something I'll have a think of doing?...I hope that you're all well, I've been a busy busy bee this weekend...All shall be revealed very soon! 

*All links take you directly to the artists work.

ATP Illustration

This is a guy I've been fascinated with since I stumbled across his work on Instagram. His detailing is amazing, and the themes are always awesome. Think tattooed women and nautical puns. Seeing his work makes me smile, not only because of his talent, but because he's just beginning really! How exciting is that! I know that he's currently studying at Portsmouth Uni, BUT is also being commissioned for some awesome up and coming clothing lines aswell. This guy is definitely my one to watch this year for illustrators.

Philip Trengove Photography

I'm lucky enough to have this amazing photographer in my life. Phil is a Southwest and London based photographer, who specializes in portraiture but also experiments outside of his comfort zone. This wouldn't be the first time you've heard me mention him, and it certainly won't be the last. His last series was awesome.(I was in it...that helps! Haha) He visited people in their homes and captured their emotions through either talking about their lives, hearing a song that brings back emotion, or simply waiting for their thoughts to deepen enough, that a glimpse inside could be captured. (I was his guinea pig. I listened to "Dear Bobby" By "Yellowcard"- It reminds me of Nanny and Grandpa.)
Now he's back with a bang. He's been doing a good few shoots and I love the manic, frantic look of his layered series. I'm really looking forward to shooting with him again at the end of the month, once he's back from fashion week. It also means that with biscuits and tea, I get to envy over his fucking awesome life and hear all his LFW gossip. *happy sigh*

          Charles Jeffrey

Ok confession time. I haven't looked as much at Charles Jeffrey's work as much as I should have...and as much as I am going to...However; isn't this beautiful? I have a bit if a love/hate relationship with jellyfish. I think they're beautiful, majestic, inspiring...BUT THEY ARE DESTINED TO DOOM US ALL! Now I know what you're thinking...Alright Sophie, calm down love. But it's actually true. In fact, on Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday, I am going to do a jellyfish doomsday special. So keep your eyes peeled! Until then, you can enjoy this. Hahaha.

Tracey Warbey Photography

You should all know my massive love of Tracey and her work. This evening I wanted to show you something of hers that isn't me reporting back on me. Haha. She took this self portrait when she was pregnant with her second cutie pie daughter, Ana. I just love the butterflies, don't you? And that bit of side boob. Stay tuned over the next few days to hear all about my recent adventures with her and a very very pretty young lady. *Shhh hush hush*

Jennifer Davis

Last but not least. It's official. I have a new obsession and here she is. Jennifer Davis's work just is the best selection of creativity, playfulness, artistic flair and pure talent that I feel I've seen in ages. I first stumbled across her work on Pinterest. She drew some cats with scarves on and they had cute, funny heads. But over the last week, I decided I wanted to explore her work in a bit more depth and really....EVERYTHING IS AMAZING! I really recommend that you take a gander on her site. 

Let me know what you think of my recent loves.

Have a wonderful evening! 
Love Sophie XX

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  1. CHARLES JEFFEREY'S WORK IS BEAUTIFUL. But yes, Jellyfish are evil.x


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