Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Catch Up In Numbers.

Hello friends! Long time no see isn't it? Well twenty three days later, not exactly a lifetime. Taking a break from blogging vs not being able to blog are two very different feelings and I've found myself spending many an evening simply curled up on the sofa binge watching Netflix. Incase you're wondering, the reason for my absence is Batman themed of course! He chewed through my laptop cable and I've been awaiting a new one! So what else have I been up to? I hear your yelps of excitement at my return...

1) Six quiet evenings for self preservation. Perfect for getting my yoga mat out, doing some stretches and learning some simple pilates to keep me strong through these cold months. 

2) Reading two whole books in three whole days. I was gifted the brilliant "When Mr Dog Bites" from Leona for my birthday and read it in about five hours! It's been a while since I've curled up in silence for hours on end and just read. It was lovely. The other book (and one checked off my to-read list for the year!) was "The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August." Another brilliant read and rather different to my usual genre, this has a time travelling theme! I'd really recommend them both! 

3) Devoured two whole bloomers. Mmmmm isn't fresh bloomer bread just delicious and so much better in every single way than normal bread?

4) Over thirty cups of tea. Because tea is made for winter, for early mornings and for small measures of happiness.

5) Seventy Two hours of utter illness. Like I'm not going to disclose all the gory details guys but seriously this was HELL. Three days of not even rehydration drinks staying in my weak stomach made me cry on more than one occasion and even involved Harps dressing me one night. I had a gourmet meal of two slices of bread last night for my first meal back to health. It was amazing.

6) Two yankee candles burning. Candles are for warming the soul in the winter. Every evening insists on them.

7) Walking on a very windy beach for over forty five minutes will send shivers to your spine but time with two spaniels and one mummy are always for savouring.

8) Twelve episodes of House, Five episodes of Catfish and Two new episodes of Better Call Saul (what does everyone think?!) on Netflix. Binge watching at its best. This wasn't even whilst I was ill! (During that time I was mainly curled around my toilet with a small cushion.)

9) Did the best online shopping ever. There's one person that I love buying presents for more than anyone else in the world. It's Leona's birthday soon which means I have an excuse to buy all the lovely little things that I'd love to receive but would never buy myself (because life means there isn't funds for cute little things) and three websites and six purchases later I'm looking forward to it all finishing coming in the post!

10) Finally and something I've wanted to share with you all for a couple of weeks now. I achieved one promotion at work which I am very proud, excited and happy about!

So that's me in a bit of a wrap up! How about you lovely ladies and gents? What have I missed? I've been stalking you all as usual and keep your eyes peeled for a bit of a favourite posts catch up in the next few days! 

Love Sophie Xx