Monday, 16 February 2015

Batman Diaries #6 Confessions.

Blah blah blah "We all love Batman, he's so cute! You should post more about him." Sound familiar? Well tough titties because he's not all sunshine and rainbows you know? Batman can be a little shit. There I said it. As an ode to my return from my blogging absence I thought it was about time that you all learnt a little about Batman's really fucking annoying habits.

Six Reasons Batman's a Little Shit.

1) He chewed through my laptop cable. Sneakily, over much time that I wasn't totally expecting the day when I all of a sudden was cut off from the world.

2) Sometimes he's a pain in the arse to get to bed at night. He knows exactly our routine and he has his own routine and if for some reason we go to bed earlier/later than usual he just refuses to go home. Point blank. It's taken as long as 45 minutes before just to get him into the next room.

3) He malts like a small dog. Seriously, despite being brushed many times a week when malting he just seems to get little black, fluffy hairs EVERYWHERE.

4) He snores REALLY loudly. Louder than a cat would snore. Like a small, wheezing old man. At least you always know where he is I guess?

5) He scares himself on a regular basis. Be it sleeping right on the edge of the stairs/bed and then rolling over and falling down or maybe when he tries to jump off of the top of the sofa and completely underestimates it, flying into the table, it amazes me every single day that he doesn't kill himself. Most of the time he'll thump around the house for hours afterwards and you're like "You did this to yourself crazy rabbit!"

6) He uses my face as a landing pad. If he's on the back of the sofa and I'm lying on it, he likes to nuzzle into my hair, but if I'm lying down too low for him to reach it then in revenge he'll use my face to get back off the sofa, like a sort of cushioned landing pad. 

Of course bunny owning is fabulous and every one should have a characteristic little furry friend of some kind (with responsibility of course) and there are times *see below* where he's utterly adorable. Tell me about your pets bad habits or annoying traits, I'd love to hear them!

Love Sophie and Batman Xx


  1. He snores? Really? I didn't even know they could do that!?'s at least a little cute, right? haha <3
    ~ Samantha

  2. Batman is one adorable little prick eh?
    Pete swats imaginary flies off my face ALL THE TIME. And whenever Betty's going up the stairs she farts on every single step. And freaks herself out with every single fart. But they're cute and they smooch my tears away so there's that.
    M x


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