Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thankful Thursday// February

- Dinners with second mummies.
- Booking adventures for the year.
- Honeymoon browsing.
- Windy walks with mother.
- Time being silly with Harps.
- Being taken care of when I was ill.
- New beginnings.
- Time spent under blankets with books.
- Liz Earle shampoo.
- The excitement of wedding fairs.
- Days spend lounging and baking.
- The first signs of spring.
- Starting new candles.
- Singing emo hits in the bath loudly.
- Fresh cotton sheets to fall asleep in. 

The last Thursday of the month has arrived and it's been good to get through it. I've spent a large portion of this month being pretty ill and whilst slowly on the mend, the last few days of February are set to be super. It's Liona's birthday on Friday, my mummy's on Saturday and Harps, mother and I are going to a wedding fair on Sunday! I'm thankful for the comforts this month and can feel my aching bones waking up for spring. It's getting set to be a great year.

Thank you Lisette, your inspiring Thankful Thursday posts are always wonderful to read. 

Love Sophie Xx