Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I've Been Stalking You All Since February Began...

Here's a totally unrelated photo of the comedy frog Harps bought me for Valentines day!

That's right. I said it. I've been away for the first half of February (thanks Batman again!) This doesn't mean that I haven't been catching up on some of my favourite blog posts in that time. So sit under your favourite blanket with your favourite beverage in your favourite cup and who knows, maybe you'll come across something that you missed or even someone brand new!

  •  As always, Alvy has been making me chuckle with her tales of being abducted by aliens...
  • Jojo has the sweetest illustrations in town and I swear she brings a ray of sunshine to the internet. 
  • Sarah's travel posts have been giving me major wanderlust! Her photography is so beautiful! 
  • Sophie posted a fabulous 90's grunge inspired outfit that she'd definitely rock! 
  • Aimee has the most AMAZING new home for her cat Rocky. Seriously I'm so jealous. LOOK AT IT!
  • Danielle takes the loveliest photographs. Her nature ones are always my favourite and catching up on her 'My Life In Photos' post is always a treasure chest of beautiful images.
  • Karen's pregnancy updates are super exciting and it's all getting rather close now!!
  • Rosie's getting to the exciting planning stage that I really can't wait for! Choosing wedding rings isn't something I'd ever thought about being 'one of the best parts' of planning your wedding until I read her post. It made my heart do a little leap thinking of Harps choosing his ring! (She also roasted a chicken that made my mouth actually slip a little bit of drool out!)
  • Leona's inspiring 'Don't Fear The Smear' series is both insightful and calming. As someone who very soon will be getting that dreaded letter through the post, she and the others that have also shared their experiences have really put my mind at ease! Thanks ladies!
  • I have actually taken up a small residency on Michelle's blog, I spend so much time stalking it. There's so much to enjoy! Better late then never HOORAAY for Michelle's real life column in a real life newspaper! The kind that get printed out! Ink's expensive stuff don't you know?! Also, her 'Who am I?' post made my day. AND an adorable few snaps of those snazzy spaniels of hers give me puppylust (is that a thing?)
  • Lisette's ombre napkins look awesome. As a fellow budgeteer these really inspired me as a possibility as some sort of table cloths for our wedding? I've been looking at nice fabrics recently and alas, my pennies say no.
  • Chelsea met some deadlines and got her graduation date! How exciting! Also kudos on the recipe being printed in your student magazine! Like I said above- REAL LIFE PAPER!
  • Lou posted a rather romantic and heartwarming anniversary post! Happy anniversary guys!
  • I actually totally relied on Louisa's 'Here Is The News' posts whilst I was away, she always finds the best catch up posts to read! Take a look at even more great bloggers! 
  • Dei went for a beautiful walk in the woods and her outfit post was just beautiful. P.s her hair is always brilliantly beautiful too! 
  • Emma's birthday wishlist is full of goodies that I'd love myself! Actually, I'd really like all of it please. Also 'Emma' is a brilliant book, I can send you my copy if you don't get it!
So ermm yeah, told you I'd been watching. I'd love to know if you've made any new blogging friends through this little bunch!

Love Stalky Sophie Xx